Wednesday, December 26, 2012

week 4, workout 1

i dont have a status bar for you guys.  i am "off" work until jan 2 therefore i am not waking up at my normal time.  today i woke up around 10am.  it was awesome.  and the off is in quotation marks because i went into work for 2.5 hours today.  i had to do payroll and get the mail.  I also have to go in friday for a minute and monday again. 
but anyway lets recap saturday and sunday.  Saturday i walked 60 minutes at the gym.  burned 637 calories.  sunday i did 2 miles and burned 440 calories.  i think it took around 34 minutes (maybe 36?).  i went early (10:30am) to the gym on sunday and it was packed.  luckily for me i was able to get a treadmill.  we had to leave for grandmas house before noon and we got home around dinner time, so at least i didnt have to rush back out to go the gym.
today i did my normal tuesday routine, which is 20 minutes walking along with 10 minutes of cooling down.  i went early than normal because the weather here is sucking, so i was worried they would close the gym (and the roads would be icy)
tomorrow im back on track, which means i will do the same thing i did today, it kind of sucks having them two days in a row, but im not making it a habit.  :)  i burned 386 calories today while at the gym. 
for christmas my husband got me the nike fuel band.  so far its ok.  i still am trying to figure it out.  i lost my fitbit a few months ago, and when i was asked what i wanted i kind of had no clue.  im getting used to having the band on my arm, im sort of annoyed by jewerly, which is why i dont wear much. i also had to figure out where to put my heart rate monitor watch i put it on my right wrist and then got annoyed with it and just put it next to the fuel band. 

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