Friday, December 7, 2012

week 1, workout 2

Week 1, workout two was 15 minutes walking according to the schedule (the link is one entry back). 

my goal for yesterdays 15 minute walk was to stay at 4.0 the entire 15 minutes.  i got to 10 minutes and then i had to back off a bit.  i was able to complete the exact distance 0.96 miles before the 15 minutes were up.  it seem that .4 i cannot get is mocking me.  what a jerkface. 

same issues as last time, my leg muscles in the front of my legs get tight and burny.  this time there was no weirdo on the tredmill next to me running like a crazy person (someone had said that Phoebe from friends did a crazy person run, as i have heard this i have never seen it for myself-so i will take their word for it). 

i walked for the last 15 minutes from 3.5 down to 2.5.  i burned a total of 412 calories (holy crap).  ive said it before but my normal amount burned at the gym is normally between 250 and 350 calories. 

at first i was thinking how i failed my "goal" but really the goal is just to do it.  i guess it doesnt matter if i walk the entire thing at 3.0 mph.  its just that i "did" it. and im sure speed comes along the further into training i go. 

at this point in time i have no interest in running (ever). FYI i know it is possible to walk 5Ks ive done it a few times.  id just like to be faster than my friends.

tonight is a much needed rest day from working out.  today is also weigh in for my weight loss challenge and im up 0.4lbs.  looks like i wont hit the under 200 goal before the challenge is over.  slow and steady wins the race right? 

which reminds me yesterday i took a day off work (i was so tired).  anyway i was watching the tv and i saw a show called the worlds largest man so i turned it on.  i wanted to cry the entire time i watched it.  the guy was bed ridden for 7 years and weighed well over 1000 lbs.  he developed fatty deposits (i want to say they called them tumors) that formed on his inner thigh, so he couldnt even close his own legs (let alone stand on them).  they had to cut him out of the house.  in the end he ended up losing 400 lbs and then got those fatty deposits removed (one at a time, it looked so sore) they weighed the one during the surgery and it was 47 lbs.  he had to be under a certain weight to get the gastric bypass surgery.  i kind of tuned out during the end of the show, so i dont know what happened.  (im sure it will be on).

anyway i expierenced my own fears with being heavy, it wasnt me but it was my dad and my aunt.  my dad was 6 foot tall and over 350 lbs, he died at home in 2005, and when they went to take him out they had to move furniture out of the way and they made me leave the room.  but it took several guys to get him into the ambulance to be taken wherever they take dead people (morgue?) then i got the call from the people who creamated him stating that i had to pay an extra 180 bucks to get another guy to help the guy put him in the oven (oh technical terms-im sure they said it to me so nicely).  they only charge this extra fee if the person is over 350 lbs.

a month later my aunt dies, she had told me not to creamate my fathers remains since it is a sin.  (im not sure it is and my dad had expressed that he wanted to be creamated-last time i checked i was the one in charge and i was following through on his wishes).  so my uncle had her buried.  at a cemetary that was 2 minutes from their house (it is a beautiful place, a lot of my family members are buried there) anyway my aunt was well over 400 lbs when she died, so they had to get a wider than normal casket and then pay extra for a bigger than normal hole in the ground.  not to mention the look on the paul barers faces (my cousins and my brothers) while they attempted to lift the caskett.  they had 3 on each long side and two of the workers on each end.  all of their faces were bright red and they didnt even go far.

how embarassing.  and expensive. 

my wishes when i die are to donate my body to medicine. use the parts that can be used.  and let medical students have the rest.  i dont want anyone to have to pay to dispose of me.  and yes im 100% serious about this.  my husband asked where he would go to pay his respects and i told him to go to the willow tree stump in the yard, that id meet him there. (we just had this tree fall down when hurricane sandy hit).  the willow tree was always my favorite tree in my yard.  now its gone. 

Starting Weight: 213.4
Current Weight: 208.4
Pounds loss: 5
Goal Weight: 155
Pounds to go: 53.4

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