Friday, December 21, 2012

week 3 workouts

sorry i havent been updating.  i have a Non Scale Victory (NSV) to report.  i was able to walk an entire mile at 4.0mph (on the tredmill).  it took me a little longer than 15 minutes but i was able to do it.  it was such a big deal that i informed my husband (who ran cross country in high school but hasnt done any work out since he left there) and he looked at me like ok? 
it is a big deal to me.  i was a chubby child and turned into a chubby teen, that turned into a fat adult.  i was never a runner.  when we had to do the presidential fitness challenge (it was several things like sit ups, run 1 mile, umm pull ups?) i always got in trouble for not being able to finish a mile in under 17 minutes. 
so yep. my schedule for this week looked like this

monday off
tuesday walk 20 minutes
wednesday (program day off)
thursday walk 20 minutes
friday off

saturday and sunday havent happened yet.  i think i need to swtich them up.  saturday is 2 miles walk and sunday is 60 minutes.  but we have to visit my husbands grandma on sunday, which involves two hours of total driving.  i could probably knock out 2 miles in under 40 minutes. 
i wish i took my notebook into work with me today, that is where my calorie counts are written down, but i left it at home (friday is my no count day)
i think tuesday i burned 394 calories (walked for 20 minutes followed by a 10 minute cool down)
Wednesday i hovered in the 300ish calories range.  i just did a 30 minute easy pace on one of the ellipitcals.
thursday, which was just yesterday i burned 419 calories and did my NSV from earlier.  today my leg muscles are super sore. 
im doing really well with my counting of calories.  my goal is to fill up my entire note book.  the numbers in my status bar below are since starting the notebook.  the first week when i started this walking training my weight actually went up. but its starting to go down again. 
my all time highest weight was more around 220 (there was a period in time that i just stopped weighin myself, so it might have been higher).  my my all time lowest weight was 174 (as an adult, when i was 16 i got really sick with something and food tasted nasty to me or made my mouth hurt and i think i was in the 160's after that-but i mean i was really sick, like almost admitted to the hospital sick-they claimed it was a bad case of broncitus, but i think i had pneumonia)
another NSV for me is that im feeling like my muscles in my stomach are getting stronger and cinching in.  (if that makes sense). 

Starting Weight: 213.4
Current Weight: 207.0
Pounds loss: 6.4
Goal Weight: 155
Pounds to go: 52

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  1. When I was in school, anything more than 13 minutes on the mile was considered failing in PE. I tried my hardest on one... ran til I got shin splints and still finished in 13.5 minutes. I failed. I figured, why kill myself if I couldn't pass so I'd always walk. LOL Like... lolly-gagging walk. Like it'd take me 20+ minutes. Haha. Oh well. Failing is failing, right? My goal is to run a full mile in under 13 minutes. We'll see if that ever happens.