Thursday, December 13, 2012

week 2 workout 1

written 12/11/12
tonight on my schedule for the workout is 15 minutes of walking.  once again my goal is to stay as close to 4.0 mph as possible.  i was shocked to see that it was only 15 minutes of walking.  I guess at the end of this program you are supposed to be able to walk a 5k within a reasonable time (my guess is somewhere between 40 minutes to an hour?)
im also wanting to start up strength training again.  my gym as a circuit you can do.  If that is not busy ill jump on there (why do people feel the need to sit down and watch stuff on the tv? hello? its for working out).  if the circuit is busy ill just finish out the rest of my 15 minutes with either just walking at a slower pace or another machine. 
anyway i dont hit the gym until after 8pm cause i found that the crazy gymmers are annoying me.  even on sunday when i did my 60 minute walk and it was dead at the gym i had a crazy running lady jump on the tredmill next to me, my reaction is DUDE There are 50 other tredmills for you to choose from. 
which reminds me maybe one day i can go back to zumba, i stopped going last year when i had no room to do the moves. 
a new gym opened up near my house, i wonder how much cheaper that gym would be than my Y?  currently with a family membership (which includes my husband and step son-so far husband has been there once and step son not even once) we pay 82 a month and that includes us getting a slight discount due to the fact that we live in a richy area and no longer make the money we used to.  we do have planet fitness in the area, which is 10 bucks a month and i used to belong to it when it was on my way home from work, but now that is a 10 minute trip that i dont want to take. 

Starting Weight: 213.4
Current Weight: 209.2
Pounds loss: 4.4
Goal Weight: 155
Pounds to go: 54.2

written 12/13/12
so i did the workout on tuesday.  i seem to not be able to stay at 4.0 mph the entire time.  around the 5 minute mark my muscles are screaming at me.  i burned a total of 394 calories and i opted out of the circuit training, cause i was watching some tv show.  that might win me the lazy-est gym goer award.  it is an honor. anyway i did end up walking slowly for an additional 15 minutes to round out my 30 min workout.

yesterday was a scheduled day off, but since i was going to the gym 5 times a week before i cant jusitfy taking another day off (i take off on mondays and fridays now).  so i consider wednesdays to be my "easy" gym days.  i burned 300 calories on the precor machine (i call it the bouncey machine). 
my weight has been creeping up slowly in the past week or so.  nothing really changed with me other than this training schedule.  so my hope is that im just holding onto extra water weight from upping my workout.  today is the first day ive seen a slight loss (i was 209.4 yesterday).  so lets hope that is going down.

overall i feel thinner, so im not too worried about the weight.  im in this for the long haul.  my eating has been almost in line, at least for me anyway. 

anyway tonights schedule is a 15 minute walk, im assuming anyway.  the paperwork is at home next to my seat on the couch. 

Starting Weight: 213.4
Current Weight: 209.0
Pounds loss: 4.6
Goal Weight: 155
Pounds to go: 54.0

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