Friday, December 14, 2012

Week 2, workout 2

Today is an offical weigh in for me for this challenge im doing on another site.  i lost 0.4 since last week (on friday).  and i believe my starting weight is from the challenge, im pretty sure this is the last weigh in too.  i didnt do too bad.  like i said any weight loss is good.
so yesterday i did 15 minute walk and i ended up taking away the 1.0 incline.  and OMG so much better, the second i did that my heart rate dropped lower.  i was always told that if you want to use the tredmill to put it on 1 incline.  so i think the last 5 minutes i was at 0 incline.  then i finished up my workout by just walking super slow (2.0 mph). 
tonight is a much needed day off from working out.  also my friend is having a pottery show at her house (She makes and sells pottery for a living and lives one street over) so i think i will attend that. i believe that tomorrows workout is 1.75 miles and then sunday is a 60 minute walk. 
i am so happy today is friday, i told my doggie this morning that there are two days in a row of puppy dates!!! (aka taking a nap with the pups).  no my doggie is not a puppy she is around 5 years old. 

Starting Weight: 213.4
Current Weight: 208.0
Pounds loss: 5.4
Goal Weight: 155
Pounds to go: 53

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