Monday, December 17, 2012

week 2, workouts 3 and 4

im writing this from memory, sorry if i mess anything up
saturday's schedule was 1.75 miles, i did that in 31 minutes.  burned 409 calories
Sundays schedule was 60 minutes of walking.  i did that in 60 minutes (just being a smart a** there) and burned 674 calories.  after that workout i was so tired that i flopped in my car and just sat there for a second and went home and took a shower.  i had a hive on the bottom of my right foot.  feet hives are the worst and unfortunately for me i get hives all the bleeping time thanks to a thyroid condition.  which reminds me im going to ask to switch my medicine when i see her again in jan. 
my skin felt cold and claimy and my eyes could just close at any moment and sleep for 3 days.  my guess is that i didnt have enough fuel in my body, i barely ate anything yesterday, i just wasnt hungry.  lets not do that again.
on a happier note, at my job we were delivered a nice fruit basket from one of our big customers.  and my bossman just gave me the basket, cause he is going away soon anyway.  SWEET!!  im going to leave it in the office to allow our guys to eat from it then take the rest home.  its mostly apples and oranges.  i love fruit!!! there are two bananas, which i rescued from their plastic wrap (cause bananas need to breathe).  i kind of wish the apples were green but you cant argue with the price of free. 
i also had a lady call earlier in the day to ask me to take a phone survey about our part in lawn care, which i would get paid $35 for doing, but i had to inform her that we dont do lawn care and she told me have a good day and hung up.  boo.  $35 would have been sweet.  it was probably a scam anyway.

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