Sunday, December 9, 2012

sunday workout-itunes rant

today on my schedule was 60 min walk.  i really dreaded doing it.  but i laced up my sneakers and grabbed a water (the bottled water is left over from when hurricane sandy hit-i have a well and if we dont have power-we dont have water.  i tend to be a person that just fills up a reusable water bottle.  but i spent the money so i will drink the water).
i also put on my heart rate monitor on and left for the gym. 
60 minutes later i burned 626 calories and was a little over 3 miles into my walk.  the program calls for not worrying about speed but just doing 60 minutes of walking. 
during the workout i was listening to my ipod.  i have discovered that moving from my desk top to my lap top has made about 1/2 of the purchased songs not transfer over.  if you click on them it says something about it could not be used because the original file could not be found.  what is the point of itunes if that is going to happen?  i also had an issue where my account got hacked and someone spent my entire gift card plus about 3 bucks more, so i have removed my paypal account AND my credit card from them.  i sent them an email stating it was not me and i got nothing back.
so for now on i think i will just purchase a physical CD and that way i can always reload it if it forgets where it is saved.  i also like to buy the itunes gift cards when they are on sale (rite aid usually will have a $5 off coupon to use-so that makes a $25 gift card only cost $20)
by the way if i go to my desk top im able to play these lost songs.
which reminds me i need to go back and download free music that my favorite band posts (it is nine inch nails-yep former goth teen right here).  

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