Saturday, December 8, 2012

week 1, workout 3

todays workout was to walk 1.5 miles.  at first i was like ill walk it at a good pace (around 3.5 mph) and then finish up my 30 min workout.  then i was like screw that.  so i just walked 1.5 miles.  it took me 26 minutes and 42 seconds.  i adjusted from 4.0 all the way down to 3.0.  i was randomly doing it.  i watched the tv show wipe out while on the tredmill.  what a weird show. 
then i said PEACE OUT and left. 
tomorrow on the schedule is a 30-60 minute walk at a leisurely pace. im not sure what i will actually do.  part of me wants to do 30 minutes and leave but another part of me wants to do 60 minutes.  i guess we will see how i feel tomorrow.
by the way no weigh in on saturday mornings, i wake up way too late for it to be considered.  yesterday i counted calories all day long and i was done at 2704. fridays are my "cheat" days but i never bothered to count before.  i mostly try to stick to 1500-1800 calories per day.  i figure this "cheat" day would be good for me and it would trick my body into not knowing what the heck im doing. today my calories are at 1908 (i met up with my brother plus family for dinner out). 
just for fun here are my calories for the week
sunday: 1520
monday: 1577
tuesday: 1698
wednesday: 1784
thursday: 1560
friday: 2704
saturday: 1908
average per day 1822

and workout
Sunday: 375
monday: off
tuesday 408
wednesday 270
thursday: 417
friday off
saturday 349
average burn: 260

not bad, maybe i should do this every week.  :) 

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