Wednesday, December 5, 2012

week 1,workout 1

The master plan: follow this program here  blog about it before and don't publish until after, then publish with actual results.  over goal is to do the program, it is not impossible.
when i say "walking" im talking about speed walking.  somewhere between 4.0 mph and 4.3 mph.  definately over 4.0.  i have a handy dandy membership to the gym.  since i am already at the gym i feel like i should make it an even 30 minutes of exercise, i might swtich equipment.  we will see, maybe ill walk the rest of the 15 minutes at a nice even pace to lower my heart rate.
I own a heart rate monitor, that is how i will figure out calories burned vs the machines calories burned.  I will write down the milage achieved and average speed if im able to tell.

Pre (written 12/4):
so on todays walk i should do 15 minutes of walking. sounds easy enough. 
goals: just do it.  and update results.

Post (written 12/5):
started out strong, at 4.3 mph.  around 5 minutes im starting feel my muscle next to my shin tighten up and burn, at 10 minutes i slow down to 3.0mph in order to take a drink of water and hike it back up to 4.0 mph. and my legs feel even tighter, lower the speed to 3.7 (still fast but not as fast).  heart rate is hovering around 185-189, kind of high for just walking.  finish out 15 minutes, total distance covered 0.97 miles.  cool down for 3 minutes

finish out the rest of the 30 minutes of gym time with 12 minutes of ellipitical.  total calories burned: 408. which is high considering i was only there for 30 minutes, im betting the high heart rate had to do with my numbers. 

i think my new mph goal will be start out strong and lower it as i go.  so first 5 minutes at 4.3, next 5 minutes at 4.0, then the following at 3.7. 

i also ended up with a blood toe thanks to my toe nails being too long. it will heal.  tonight is either an off day from the gym or a non treadmill workout.  i am thinking of taking it as a non treadmill workout and taking friday off from the gym, but we will see. 

Starting Weight: 213.4
Current Weight: 208.0
Pounds loss: 5.4
Goal Weight: 155
Pounds to go: 53

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