Monday, January 28, 2013

ditching the scale

i am ditching the scale.  i am only going to weigh in while at the doctors or the first of the month.  last weigh in was January 14th at 213.0 lb.  that was after a huge week long of im eating whatever the heck i felt like and not working out.  I had a endocrinologists appointment on thursday (i will write about that in a second) and with clothes on i weighed 210.8 lb.  so I am doing something right. 
Still counting calories, still working out.  just aiming for a deficit every day.  i get my calorie counts from this website 
i always put that i am sedentary too, which im really not.  but i use my calorie count from my heart rate monitor and add that to my daily allotment.  then subtract the amount of calories i ate during the day and come up with a total deficit.  i hope for 350 calories or more each day.  the weight loss will be slow. 
it has been so nice not having to weigh in every morning.  i dont beat myself up over nothing.  plus since im only weighin in once a month i am almost guaranteed a loss.
SO, endocrinologist appointment.  i see her thanks to my thyroid being messed up.  i have hashimotos disease, which means my body is attacking my thyroid.  so i see her a few times a year, last time i saw her was 4 months ago.  my insulin level went from 22 down to 16 (it should be under 10).  I was prescribed metformin (this is what happens when you mention that you havent been on birth control for years and haven't gotten pregnant yet-and you have PCOS).  i took the medicine for about 1 month and stopped.  She had thought my numbers went down due to the medicine, but oh well.  I have been experiencing hives on an almost daily basis (whenever i get out of the shower or use water) so we are trying 75 micrograms of levothyroxide instead of 50 micrograms (actually i was taking 75 monday, wednesday and fridays).  ive always been good at the morning medicines but not at the night medicine (the night medicine is metformin-its extended release, i tried this stuff back when i was 21 and it ripped apart my stomach, so after a few months of that i gave up, so far this extended release hasn't done it). 
i like my endocrinologist and i like her nurse practitioner, but it seems like the NP seems to be popping babies out like crazy.  but she did ask me if i have gotten my period yet, ive never been that lucky girl to not have their period with PCOS.  i guess i am 1 of a few hundred people she sees. 


  1. I wish I could get rid of the scale for a few weeks... but... Im scared to lol

    1. PS I say that because I am a daily weigher.