Friday, June 21, 2013

weight watchers weigh in #1

Last week: 208.6 lb
this week: 201.8 lb
loss of 6.8 lb

so i lost so much this week (probably the real total is more like 3 lbs than six, being that i was bingeing the day before hand) that i got an extra point each day this week.

let me see if this works:
Yay it worked.  :)  if you look hard at this you will see that i used all but one weekly points allowance.  im not good at tracking the healthy guidelines (doesnt mean i dont do them), i should work on that. 
so my daily allowance was 30.  on the website if you hover over each of those bars it tells you how many points you used there.  i didnt go to the gym once, i kind of felt like a bump on a log, but i wanted to get used to it.  i didnt use that final point cause i couldnt figure out what i had last night that was 1 point in the house.  i have a lot of fruit and veggies but those are all 0. then i have dessert type items that are 2 or 3 points.  so i just said eh im not even hungry.
overall my hungry level wasnt bad.  saturday was the worst, but that was because i restarted WW on a whim.  so i was not prepared (not really an excuse being that i could have just gotten off my butt and gone to the grocery store).

as of today my daily allowance is 31.  sweet. 
i mentioned to the lady who notorizes documents for me (im an office manager i have the oddest job ever-from going to court to payroll to notorizing documents...) that i restarted weight watchers, want to know what she said?  isnt that expensive?  i was like oh not really i do it online, its not too bad, plus now they have apps.  i mean i guess spending any money over something being free is a lot.  she did ask me how many points are in a grilled cheese from 5 guys.  but i think that have one of those cell phone blockers in their office, it never told me until i got out to the car.  oh she also asked if i had to weigh in in front of people.  LOL no, i used to do the meetings and it was always private.  they would print something and just put it in your booklet. never yelled out JAIME WEIGHS 300 lbs.  (i do have a story about that in high school-i was 181 lbs-a lot more than any other kid, they were doing physical fitness testing, we had to do it twice a year, things like height, weight, timed 1 mile run, push ups, situps, pull ups, stretches-everything was measured.  the one girl in my class had broken her leg and was helping the gym teachers out, so she was at a desk, someone stood over the scale and yelled out to her how much each person weighed.  this was embarassing).
i actually find that we eat out less often while on WW, so that really im probably spending the same with the cost of of the plan or even less actually.  i do spend a bit more on fruits and veggies, but you are supposed to eat those things. :)
i also dont buy a lot of WW food, im not a fan of reheated meat, so all of those smart ones (well like 95% of them) are out the window.  they are good when you are in a rush though.  i do enjoy their giant fudge pops though. they are pretty awesome, they taste a lot like a frosty from wendy's and only 3 points. i know a lot of their food has changed since they switched over to their 360 program.  they used to have a huge sized bagel that was pretty buttery tasting.  not sure if those still exists.  and their yogurt used to be pretty tastey, but i think they are now partnered up with yoplait.  the odd thing is that if it says WW on it my husband wont touch it.  so i just buy the shoprite brand of most things (cheaper anyway) and he will eat it.  currently he has been eating my string cheese.  if i was to buy WW string cheese (even though its the same) he would never touch it.  maybe i should start buying WW stuff.  more food for me.
anyway i hope i can keep up the good eating.  it does take me a bit longer to pack my foods in the morning, and im always afraid of forgetting something. 


  1. Congrats on the loss!!

    I used to eat Smart Ones all the tim ebut now I save them for a last resort type thing.

    My doctor always suggested Weight Watchers to me. I never tried it though...because of the is funny the other things I will and did pay for. LOL!

    I know you will continue to do well with it!

  2. Great job on the weight loss :)