Sunday, June 16, 2013

change of plans

so i rejoined weight watchers (online).
the reasons, i am great at working out, but i suck on the diet front.  and im going to treat this differently than i did in the past.  im going to eat ALL points, even those weekly points, im going to eat activity points.  if im hungry, it will be my fault for eating the wrong stuff.
i ordered an activelink.  you guys should know that i love technology.  :)  so i have an app on my phone with the tracker info on it, and their bar code scanner (not sure why its not on the same app).  once i get the activelink ill update on how it works.  (i have an idea of how it works) and if i like it. 
i restarted weight watchers on friday i was 208.6.
the hardest part of weight watchers is figuring out what to eat the first few weeks.  then it becomes second nature.
for example, yesterday this is what i ate along with points.  i get 30 daily points, 49 weekly points, so i went over a bit.

Jimmy Deans Delight: 6 points
Banana: 0 points
Starbucks frappachino: 5 points
total breakfast: 11 points.

3 oz chicken breast: 3 points
Mayo: 3 points
1 cup cherries: 0 points
total 6 points
(after this i was hungry way earlier than when we ate but we were out and i was getting crabby, see a learning curve)

1/4th avocado: 2 points
1/2 oz swiss cheese: 1
max and erma's turkey burger: 24 points
Asperagus: 0 points
total dinner: 27 points

Apple slices: 0 points
total used: 44 (30 points for the day with an additional 14 points used of my weekly points). 
even though i ate the turkey burger, i was still really hungry last night.  i ended up just going to bed early cause i was hungry, like i said it is my fault for not eating the right stuff

today is already a better day (and i realize spending 5 points on a coffee drink is dumb, but i drank the last one today, so that wont be showing up on my tracker starting tomorrow).

Breakfast: jimmy deans delight: 6 points
banana: 0 points
frapp: 5 points
total 11 points

wendy's small chili: 5 points
wendy's ceaser side salad-no dressing: 2 points (this was my attempt at making a taco salad and my husband wanted wendy's since it is fathers day i opted to say yes).
total 7 points

Peach: 0 points
i have 12 remaining points.  with 32 remaining weekly points (to be used up by thursday night). 

for now im going to opt out of working out until i get used to this.  but ill be back on track soon enough.  i like to eat. therefore i like to move it too so i can eat more.  :)

i wont be posting my daily intake (unless someone is really interested in it).  with weight watchers (now) most fruit and veggies are 0.  i was kind of disappointed that the 1/4 avocado was 2 points (it was on my turkey burger).  i kind of remember them saying to aim for 3 servings of each fruit and veggies, so that is my goal. anything over that you should really start counting points for it. 

tonight i go grocery shopping, wish me luck.  haha.  i would have thought the bar code scanner was better than it was (most things it cannot find).  i see them advertise it on their tv commercials (along with the fact that you can still drink wine,  OMG i am not a drinker but i guess im the odd one).

i was checking out their website last night and most of what they say is common sense, dont keep food out in the open, pre cut up veggies and fruit so you have something quick to go to when your hungry.  write points values on packages.
weigh in days are fridays. by the way.


  1. writing point values on the outside of a package is a great idea

    How are you doing with your water intake?

    Also if you work out don't you get active points?

    1. yes you get points for working out at a certain level, but for now im not going to the gym.
      i am not that great at water in take, but im working on it.