Tuesday, June 18, 2013

dietbet? and WW progress

has anyone heard of dietbet (.com)?  i have a friend on facebook that is constantly doing one, so i kept going that is interesting.
just in case you dont know what it is. 
you get 4 weeks to lose 4% of your body weight.  you have a buy in fee.  and its a group of people-so at the end anyone who gets to the 4% gets to split the pot.  (there are rules, you have to submit photos of a scale reading with a word and a full  body photo including your face.  if you win you have to do the same thing at the end.  by the way i suck at scale pics.  my bathroom is dark-if i had the flash on it would clear out the display. so yeah, who votes to see my sweet pics?)
i believe the pics are private by the way, but ill go ahead and show you guys.  cause well, i dont care.  LOL

like my outfit of choice?  i figure i can remember to wear pink and purple.  my husband took this photo.  i have this horrible blinking thing any time the camera is out (as in most pics my eyes are closed, this annoyed the photographer at my wedding).  enjoy looking at my pudge, cause its going away.  my husbands was directed to not show the liter box in the pic either (it is right next to the scale in front of the heater). im sure no one wants to see cat turds (yes i realize i could have scooped the poop before hand, but any time i touch the cat litter it makes cats appear out of nowhere with more poop).
ugh i cant even read that.  it says 207.8.  i hope they accept my photo.  maybe they can lighten it up? (the word under the scale is for verification) maybe i need more light in my bathroom in general.  i took the pic like 20 minutes after dinner.  hoping to give me a slight advantage in losing a few pounds right away.  my scale also tells me how many calories i need in order to maintain my weight.  except for some reason it shows me at being an inch shorter than i am (it flashes your height and age and a woman before giving me my last reading).  my scale is a bit too smart for me.  oh it also thinks im 28.  i guess i got it when i was 28 and set it? 
so onto other news.  Weight watchers is going well.  i found a great lunch that keeps me really full for a long time.  ready for it?
3 oz of cooked chicken breast (3 points), 1 serving of zesty fat free italian dressing (0 points-i found this by accident, it is a kraft product, i used it in some recipe and really liked it).  enough romaine lettuce to fill up the rest of my big bowl, and two servings of croutons (2 points-a serving size of croutons is 7 grams. yeah, id like to taste my food).  today i have popchips as a snack with lunch, those are 3 points.  8 points for lunch.  and crazy amounts of filling. 
oh i eat romaine bagged lettuce, cause 1 it is super easy, 2 for some reason i have issues with carrots.  any time i eat a carrot or something that has carrot in it (such as organic fruit leathers) i get this weird pain in my diaphram.  it took a while to figure out what was causing it.  i really miss snacking on carrots though.  they were a good veggie to grab and go.  on a scale the pain isnt too bad, just a discomfort.  someone suggested that i was allergic to the lye they use to clean them.  but it happens every time i eat them. 
for those in my area (south eastern pa) i got my bagged salad mix buy one get one free at giant.  which is a lot of salad for just me.
so im doing really well with WW.  i have 24 weekly points left as of this morning. and 3 days to eat them.  i really want to try to eat all of those points, that way i never have to suffer with hunger (and i wont ruin my metabolism). 

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  1. Dietbet sounds really cool. If I had known about it when I started losing weight, I probably would have tried it!