Monday, June 10, 2013

weekly weigh in

last week: 206.0
today: 205.6
loss of 0.4 lb

i am happy with a loss, there were too many eating out incidents this last week.  two separate trips to red robin (counted every single calorie). not to mention a cop out of eating a stromboli last night, which i still have half left (oh so good). 
i did wonderfully with my working out every two days and then one off.  my one friend made the comment that she hates exercising, which got me to thinking maybe she thinks i love it?  honestly i dont.  i hate every minute of it.  and i hate those OH i wish i had <insert item here> (like a gym membership, extra time, a husband who watched a kid without complaining, etc).  there are a lot more things id love to do with my "free time" than log miles at the gym.
oh and my heart rate monitor decided to not work.  i have this issue every time i change the battery, it works randomly.  so im opting to not wear it and just work out for one hour each time.  i guess i could try to change the battery in the chest strap. for those who have heart rate monitors how do you handle it?  eventually ill get fed up enough ill buy a new one.  but the batteries only last about a year to a year and a half.  i do know that you need to wash that chest strap every once in a while (not just rinse it like i do) cause that will cause it to stop transmitting the info over. but that has already been tried in this case. just in case yo are wondering i have a polar whatever, ft 4 or something. 
oh i also wanted to report what i did not eat this week, just to show you how i do have a tiny bit of will power.
Friday at work a half dozen of donuts from dunkin donuts showed up (along with a coffee just for me).  i pawned the donuts off on my bossman, number 3 in charge and the guy who does the truck minor repairs.  i did drink the coffee and got jittery from it (i only have one coffee a day, this was the first time i attempted a second one). 
Saturday i was out at dinner with my friends at Red robin, my friend was nice and got us refills on our french fries.  i ate one extra fry (the guy gave us two overflowing baskets). 
just last night, i was over helping the same friend who ordered the extra fries with eharmony, and her sister (who is an awesome baker) had made some cupcakes that were vanilla, with chocolate frosting with peanut butter in the middle.  OMG.  i said no thanks.  i did eat about 5 peanut butter M&Ms while there, then i took the remaining bags that were given to us and put them away.  I do have a cupcake at home, but i took it home for my husband. not for me. (did you catch that im helping my friend online date? )

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