Friday, June 28, 2013

Weight watchers weigh in #2

Last week: 201.8 lb
this week: 199.6 lb
loss of 2.2 lb

awesome weigh in. here is my progress report.

I counted some pretty heavy duty lawn mowing (and i was dripping with sweat when i was done) as activity. i was doing that for more than 30 minutes too, so i dont feel guilty about the M&Ms i ate afterwards.  im still not great at tracking my healthy checks. 

did you notice that i crossed over to onederland?  Also with this crossing over im back to 30 points per day.  i lost that one point i got last week.  he will be missed (i like eating in case you cannot tell). 

I want to start keeping track of my average points eaten per day just to see how it changes over time, plus i have another blogger buddy that does that, she is on maintenance and averages like 38 or something per day (im pulling this from memory, dont kill me). 

so lets put lasts weeks here too:
assigned 30 points per day, plus all 49 weekly points and activity points should be eaten
Friday: 33
Satuday: 44
Sunday: 33
Monday: 35
Tuesday: 39
Wednesday: 37
Thursday: 37
Total: 258
Average: 36.9

and this weeks:
assigned 31 points per day, plus all 49 weekly points and activity points should be eaten
Friday: 43
Satuday: 32
Sunday: 35
Monday: 38
Tuesday: 41
Wednesday: 43
Thursday: 37
Total: 269
Average: 38.4

so that isnt bad right?  i also have no clue what my goal weight should be (ive had this convo with my endo and she suggests what i weighed in high school-at that point in time it was 10-15 under what i weighed in high school, doesnt help that i wasnt a skinny child).  so every week i want to access if i should still be losing and for now it is a strong yes (probably will change as i get towards my lowest adult weight 174, im 5'5" tall, at 174 i was entering into size 8 pants, most of my weight is in my upper body and my boobs). 

if you look at my progress report for Friday you will see i spent a buttload of points on lunch, its cause i had five guys!!! they now have a single serving of fries on their menu (did you know that their regular size fries is meant to feed 2 or more people? yea i can eat an entire batch of them myself and still want ice cream).  i think im going to get the same meal again today.  last week my boss paid for my lunch for me going to court for him.  this week im going to have to foot the bill.

my dinner tonight will probably be 13 ish points.  my husband has been wanting to go to longhorn lately.  we almost went last night, the power went out for 1.5 hours (thanks to thunderstorms) so he was on his way home from work and i was hungry so i agreed to go out, thinking that if the power came back on that meant i should eat at home.  and wouldnt you know, he is 10 mins from home and its back on!!! i was so happy.  so we had stuffed peppers instead (made with brown rice and ground turkey). 

there are a few hurdles coming up this week. we are going to my in laws house in jersey for dinner (?) at 4pm on saturday.   who knows what we will be eating. they are also the type that always have dessert with their dinners.  Also we have the 4th of july on thursday, which means BBQ.  my cousin is having a get together, but i told her i wasnt sure what was going on with my in laws that id get back to her.  Im sure if i showed up at my cousins house there would be turkey burgers, she is very calories oriented.  and the nice topper, according to my app on my phone my period is due to show up on the 6th.  so lets hope for a small loss this up coming week. 

and maybe one day ill get my activelink replacement.  im really itching to use it, but everyday i check the mail and its like NO ITS NOT HERE YET.  :(  according to them it would take 7-10 business days, so today is 7.  seriously though its not my fault the original one didnt work. 

so i have a dietbet starting on sunday.  i just found it is opened to everyone, so please join me.  it is a $25 buy in and you have to have a digital camera to upload your photos.  but here is the link:
right now there are three of us. i hope more people join.

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