Thursday, June 20, 2013

activelink-not yet

i got my activelink yesterday.  it didnt seem to work.  i have to admit that i have almost no patience when it comes to electronics, so i couldnt get it to work (let me remind you that i have a fitbit and a nike fuel band, im not unfamiliar with these types of devices).  so i was like let me just let my husband do it. 
i made dinner while he worked on it.  it never lit up.  after about 20 minutes he gives up and calls the 1800 number. she gives a few suggestions, none of them work.  so they are sending me a new one.
oh well. duds happen right?
they want the broken one back (cause what am i going to do with it?) to see what was wrong with it.  so lets hope number 2 works. :) 
probably will get it next week. 
i had my first fit bit fail me (wouldnt charge anymore) and i sent it back and got a new one with almost no delay.  by the way i dont use the fitbit anymore because i lost the power cord (where did i put that?) i actually have two that work-i got the second version with the stairs for xmas one year.  i should seriously offer to mail them to someone.  i saw the fitbit on sale at targe the other day for 89 bucks.  i dont know how much the charger is though.  (i sent a friend my other charger cause she found a fitbit at the beach).  im sure one day it will turn up. :) 

i still have my nike fuel band, i just havent been wearing it.  im going to keep that one by the way.
i like the idea of the activelink challenging me. 
tomorrow is weigh in day with weight watchers. it should be a good one.

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