Friday, November 1, 2013

weight watchers weigh in 21

last week: 185.4
this week: 186.2
gain of 0.8 lb

points break down. 28 per day. all activity and all weeklies eaten

Friday: 62
Saturday: 40
Sunday: 29
Monday: 34
Tuesday: 28
Wednesday: 30
Thursday: 28
total 251, average 35.9

so ive been having a rough week.  it is ovulation week, not sure if that is part of it.  ive been feeling a bit defeated lately.  and yes you can see i went over by 2 points.  and im sure i went over by that, with what weight watchers called BLTs (bites, licks and taste).  plus as of midnight I am no longer a member of my gym (cancelled due to joining a new gym that isnt even open until Nov 13). 

even with lack of motivation im not doing too shabby.  it is definitely easier to lose weight when you weigh more.  haha.  my lowest adult weight ever was 174, which i got that low after doing WW for a while followed by a nice low carb diet-which i will never do again.   the reason for not low carbing is that when i was doing it i was extremely tired all of the time, i would forget everything (horrible for a person with a really great memory) and my period would never leave when i was low carbing.  yes i got to my all time lowest weight but at what cost?  i stopped low carbing when i got the stomach flu and the idea of eating meat for breakfast made me want to puke. 

so my idea for this week is to just track everything and try to get 30 minutes of working out in.  this might be a bit harder on the weekends when my step son is over (being that i only have one tv that works and has an area in front of it for me to workout, which is in our livingroom).  im hoping this weekend to get outside and rake some leaves, that is a good workout that also gets some chores done.  but it poured rain today and id rather not rake up wet leaves (oh the joys of being a home owner).
hopefully weigh in 22 is better than this one.  

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