Friday, October 25, 2013

weight watchers weigh in number 20

last week: 188.2
this week: 185.4
loss of 2.8 lbs

weekly breakdown
29 points per day, 49 weeklies and all activity eaten
Friday: 48
Saturday: 41
Sunday: 40
Monday: 27 (error)
Tuesday: 33
Wednesday: 34
Thursday: 32
total 255 or 36.4 on average per day

so see that Error thing next to monday?  yeah tuesday morning i was adding my food, i usually use most recent cause i eat the same thing most days (for breakfast anyway) and realized that i counted an entire cup of milk for my breakfast. i only have 2 oz in my coffee (1 point vs 3).  so that was tuesday morning i realized the issue, and i was like no wonder why i was feeling hungry on monday!!

i wish that my activity link would tell me how many active minutes i have in my summary page.  i havent been THAT active.  i know i said id be back on task but i just havent been.  i blame the period monster.
plus this upcoming friday i lose my current gym membership (im leaving the Y for the new LA fitness, they do not open until Nov 13).  i have plenty of workout videos (dvds? i guess they are all DVDs at this point in time) that i could use and i have the kinect.  so i dont really have an excuse to not workout.

anyway i just ate a very light lunch for a friday, my brother has my stomach upset.  he is going through some issue (homeless apparently and asking to stay with me) but my brother is the type of guy that is like "what is in it for me?" so i gave him an easy way to earn some money this entire summer/fall, mow my lawn, $25 each time.  then he stopped doing it back in the beginning of august, cause he hurt his ankle i found out he was subcontracting the work to my cousin that i hate, who is not allowed near me.  so that doesnt make sense, if my cousin was doing it why did he stop?  he borrowed money about two weeks ago and said he would mow my lawn the following monday, he never showed up.  i told him if he borrowed that money from me and didnt do it right away that he was cut off, so he is cut off.

i supplied him with phone numbers of homeless shelters in our area.  i will even pick him up and drop him off. but i cannot help him.  id like to stay married.  (i do feel bad since we have no parents anymore-my brother doesnt speak to my mom-she didnt raise him, he doesnt know her).  but those are family issues.  so much fun.

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