Friday, November 29, 2013

weigh in 25

last week: 183.4
this week: 186.6
gain of 3.2

ok so i didnt track wednesday (after lunch) or thursday (ww online kind of sort of yelled at me, gave me a red exclamation point) and i was all about eating as much as i could.  so yes i gained weight, but it is not REAL weight. not just yet.  way back when i lost the weight the first time (didnt get to my goal before i gave up) i would take off on holidays, just to enjoy it and not freak out about how many calories/points/carbs i was eating. 

im back on track today.  feeling somewhat fooded out.  (is that possible?)  normally on fridays i blow my weeklies, but today im right at 29 points for the day (oh i got an extra point cause i went above whatever that threshold was). 

so i did my 5k on saturday last week and earned 4 points.  whoa, that is nuts.  i dont recall what else i did on saturday (maybe shopping at sams club?) 

my times (last week):
1 Mile: 16 mins 2 seconds
2 Mile: 17 mins 14 seconds
3 mile: 17 mins 30 seconds
last 0.11: 2 minutes 10 seconds
total time 52 minutes and 54 seconds

this week:
my times:
1 Mile: 15 mins 58 seconds
2 Mile:  16 mins 42 seconds
3 mile: 17 mins 01 seconds
last 0.11: 1 minutes 44 seconds
total time  51 minutes and 05 seconds  shaved off 1 minute and 49 seconds from my first time.

like i stated last week, im not a runner (i have never been a runner/im not sure im cut out to be a runner).  but im pretty happy with my time. 

the 4 points i earned was my most points ever earned.  so i was pretty happy about that.  i eat my activity points (well this week i ate someone elses points too).

we did have good thanksgiving, the food was super yummy and family was super happy.  that is all that matters (even my doggie got a to go plate from my MIL).   i did rewatch the hunger games 2, my friends had invited me, and i was like YEP.  but ive already seen it.  and it was good the second time too.

lets hope next weeks weigh in is much less than it was last week. 

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