Friday, November 15, 2013

weigh in number 23

last week: 185.2
this week: 184.8
loss of 0.4

 points per day, all point eaten each day (28), all activities and all weeklies eaten.

Friday: 57
Saturday: 44
Sunday: 29
Monday: 30
Tuesday: 29
Wednesday: 29
Thursday: 30
totals: 248 average 35.4 per day

so i have some happy news to report, my gym opened early.  i missed three days of it being open but that was 4 days earlier than i was going to go.  it was an accident that i figured out it was open (as in my bird needed pellets and they only sell those at a pet store, so i went to the one next to the new gym and saw a giant sign that said no open!!!).  so i have gone to the gym sunday, monday and wednesday.  i plan on going today.  so i did not hit my 7 points per week goal, but we are really going to try this week. 

i am doing a bit better with my food this week, still having a lot of  sugar cravings, im blaming hormones for this.  this should all sort itself out in a few days. i also kind of screwed myself with eating most of my dailies over the weekend. i need to keep a few extra for things like a side with dinner. 

i also have this new idea. so normally at 2pm i eat a special k pantry crisp, for 3 points. i discovered that a packet of instant oatmeal is 4 points. so i ate a packet of oatmeal yesterday instead of the pantry crisp and i was full until dinner time.  so for one more point i get something that really fills me up. 

i am off work today, for a nerd reason.  we got a playstation 4.  my husband has been watching all of the info and reading all of the articles.  so i originally took today off to stand in line to get one somewhere.  turns out the gamestop near my house had them for sale yesterday at 6pm, so my husband paid for it and came home.  we then went to pick it up at midnight. everyone was so very nice to each other by the way. so as i should have just said i was coming in i opted to stay home.  so we already went out to lunch together and have just been having a low key day. 

so lets hope next week we see a much lower number.  but i need to remember that paying attention to what i eat and it will pay off on the scale.

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