Friday, November 22, 2013

weight watchers weigh in number 24

last week: 184.8
this week: 183.4
loss of: 1.4

See what i got today!??  YES.  i was a little shocked when i saw i lost 1.4 lbs this week.  i was like whoa.  my eating has been better (aka i ran out of nutella and i have no restocked it, might be a good thing). 

I also hit my goal of 7 activity points this week (9 actually).  two days this past week i got 3 points. one was last friday, i was off work and worked out at the gym,  not sure how i got 3 points, but ill take it.  the other day i hit 3 points was monday, i was running around for work purposes getting plans ran off and i had to run over to acme to get girly products, so along with the gym i hit 3 points.  my goal is still 7 points per week.  I have been good about my scheduled workout days (taking off tuesdays and thursdays).  also my husband has been almost sticking to his schedule (to go 3 days a week) one day he missed it cause he was sick and the other day he missed the gym thanks to his ex wife messing up our schedule (not picking up the step son on time).  my goal is to keep up the 7 points per week until december is over.  then i want to adjust.

so my points break down, 28 points per day, all weeklies and all activities eaten
Friday: 58
Saturday: 35
Sunday: 37
Monday: 31
Tuesday: 31
Wednesday: 32
Thursday: 30
total 254
average 36.3 points per day.

last week i was averaging 35. something points per day. 

i also started this new thing at the gym, where im going to do a 5K every saturday.  im not a runner, even in high school with the required 1 mile run (timed) i never got below 16 minutes (and yes i got in trouble, but my dad was even more lazy than me, so he didnt care).  so i kept track of my info. this is just me writing it in my notepad on my ipod.  so im walking the 5K. 

my times:
1 Mile: 16 mins 2 seconds
2 Mile: 17 mins 14 seconds
3 mile: 17 mins 30 seconds
last 0.11: 2 minutes 10 seconds
total time 52 minutes and 54 seconds

the cals burned according to the treadmill was 309, but i think i didnt enter my weigh in until a bit later.  plus i never trust those machines.  i know that i can walk as fast as 4.2 miles per hour which 4.0 is a 15 minute mile.  but i cant keep that up for long periods of time.  so maybe that is what i will work towards?  maybe i should do an entry on Saturday with the results of the 5k. or at least closer to the 5K day (saturday) 

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