Friday, November 8, 2013

weight watchers weigh in 22

last week: 186.2
this week: 185.2
loss of 1.0 lb

my weekly break down, 28 points per day, all activity points and all weeklies eaten

Friday: 56
Saturday: 40
Sunday: 35
Monday: 28
Tuesday: 29
Wednesday: 29
Thursday: 29
total: 246/average 35.1 points per day

so i dont deserve to lose that pound this week.  (hey i am happy and will take it) but i have been horrible at the WW counting lately.  I have been eating random things and not counting them.  I havent really been working out (and yes im using the excuse that my new gym isnt open and i cancelled my Y membership as of Oct 31).  the new gym opens nov 13.  so that is wednesday.  i need to refind my gym locks (i have two with the same exact combination, the question is can i remember it?  i think i know it) the Y had lockers with a combo pad on it, so i stopped bringing my lock because i swore every time i was in the locker room a random naked woman would need to be in the locker next to mine (i might walk around in front of my husband minus clothes but never in public)

i plan to hit the ground running at the new gym.  i want to attempt to get at least 1 point per day in December in activity.  then move that up to 2 points in Jan.  i think overall id like to aim for around 4 points per day (at least an average).  i think that is pretty healthy.  plus id have killer amounts of snacks for 4 points.  id also like to try new classes at the gym, maybe once a week.

i do feel a little more motivated than i did last week, but still i for some reason have been super snacky lately.  and the left over halloween candy is not helping matters.  but i need to remember that while i may be on weight watchers, my husband and step son arent (step son is super skinny too, he actually will turn down candy a lot of the times, i grew up a chubby kid, i never said no to a candy).

oh so im going to post this photo, i posted it to facebook a few days ago.  and i got a ton of compliments about how skinny i look.

so my husband took this photo cause i put a scarf on kira and said we were twins, i got a lot of compliments on how much i have lost.  (23.4 lbs as of today from my start of WW this past june).  and yes enjoy my sweet outfit, i was chilly.  oh my kitchen is gross (carpet on the floor?? in the kitchen?) i inherited my house from my dad in 2005 (with a small mortgage-for this area anyway) then i had to pay inheritance tax on it ($12,000-yes that many zeros).  slowly i have made improvements but sometimes when things are function-able, they dont need to be changed (such as the carpeting in the kitchen).

my friend that does my hair tells me that im losing it strictly in my belly, she is a health nut (did a full ironman in july but when i met her years ago she was this really  big lady-she claimed to have weighed 230 lbs, she is really short, she says she weighs 135 now) said that the reason im losing in my belly is that is where you hold onto weight when you eat junk food.  so she doesnt know exactly what i eat, but i still eat junk food (she is one of those people that would tell you that diets dont work, that you need a lifestyle change, meanwhile she lost a majority of her weight doing a liquid/fasting diet for the longest time, that was before she got healthy).  so i just said thank you.

i sometimes get unsolicited dieting advice, which i always listen to what they say, then i do my own thing (who doesnt?)  i mean weight watchers is working for me, so im not going to change it.  plus we already saw with my last doc appointment that my blood sugars were within the normal range.  so its obviously working inside of my body.

   see this pic?  its not mine. taken from the internets. i saw it somewhere (myfitnesspal?) when someone was complaining about losing weight but not losing inches, they asked where the weight was coming off, a person posted this pic saying something along the lines of it comes out of the internal organs first.  now i dont know if this is the same person. or just a side by side of two people at different sizes, but the overall idea is good.  so lets hope that im losing from my internal organs (i was told a zillion years ago that i had a fatty liver-who wants to be told that?).

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