Sunday, December 8, 2013

(quick) weigh in 26

last week: 186.6
this week: 185.0
loss of 1.6

hey guys, sorry i never got around to updating on friday, i was a bit busy with work stuff.  and you know they pay the bills...

so i lost weight but i had a super tough week.  im hoping this week is more smooth.  just had a lot of issues with being overly hungry, i blame it on ovulation. 

i did reach my goal of hitting 7 activity points for the week.  im actually at that number right now for this week (my weeks start on friday). 

the reason for that is that we took a bus trip to NYC to see the rockettes show (ok i should mention that i have inherited my dad's hatred for cities-i dont even like philly, how did i think id ever like new york?).  i have been there before, i saw the broadway show Equus back when the kid from Harry potter was on the show (yes i saw him naked along with a woman).  if you should know one thing about me, its that im a giant harry potter fan,  besides the guy who played uncle vernon on harry potter was also in the play and more of the main character than daniel radcliff.  

so we had a few hours of time to shop NYC.  i dont know if im spoiled, but when i go shopping i park my car (for free) in the lot in front of the store, so after i purchase something i put it in my car and go, not lug it around for hours on end.  plus im from a place called west chester, pa, we have a zillion shopping places so close, if i really want to have fun with the crowds, id go to the king of prussia mall (the biggest worry there is getting the right exit for the road you want)

we had a wonderful lunch, but i was never told that we would be driving during dinner time  (oh my in laws took us, along with my 13 year old step son, and my sister in law and her boyfriend) not to mention some random issue with the bus not being able to park and no one being able to find out where the bus was located for a good long time.  there were 3 people who held up the bus for an additional 45 minutes from the time we got on the bus.  i also lack an internal GPS, i get lost in the mall.  there were such big crowds that it was just crazy.  but the show was good.  i little on the cheesey end but i think that is just the way it is supposed to be.  during the dances i kept wondering how many calories those ladies are burning up. 

so we hit some major traffic leaving the city.  we got back to NJ (that is where my in laws live, over an hour away from us) and stopped at mcdonalds, where i debated on getting an entire meal. i stopped myself and was like just get me a cheeseburger happy meal with apple slices.  so i got that and it filled me up.  i looked up the point values this morning (cause i went right to bed) and it was 8 points for the cheeseburger.  they gave me a super tiny thing of french fries and i gave them to my step son.  i think between all of the items i ate on the trip (not that many but my lunch was high in points) that i sucked up all of my weeklies. 

so i earned 3 activity points walking around NYC yesterday.  i fell asleep on the bus twice (once on the way there and once on the way back) and this morning my lower back was angry at me. 

i should mention that this trip has been planned since end of the summer.  so on friday i went to the gym and did my 5K.  maybe in a few days ill post the results.  this time i actually ran a bit.  i seem to have no stamina though.  but like i said ive never been a runner (and im not sure i want to run).

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