Tuesday, March 19, 2013


so there are a lot of things going on in my life.  first:  my bird had to get his toe amputated.  this is moonlight, he is my parakeet.  he almost bled to death a week ago today (he picked off his scab, dont worry the vet did the toe removal-he had an infection in his toe and it died). he is out of the isolation cage and back with his best friend Lerch (also a parakeet).  this was just in time cause lerch is growing back feathers and needs extra attention (as in grooming from his friend moonie).

i got a castle for my cats.  we call it castle buttlick.  this would be two of my three cats, kreacher is inside the castle (with the laser eyes) and pepper on the outside.  i got this photo after i reupped the catnip in the castle.

and the biggest news ever

construction at my house.  im getting rid of my (broken) pool.  they started friday, and yesterday and today are rain days.
other big news to report.  my step son turns 13 on thursday.  he is super excited. 
we are going to the balitmore aquarium on saturday and doing a behind the scenes shark tour.  im not a fan of sharks but i do like the aquarium.  the balitmore aquarium is about 2 hours away. 
this pic is from a few weeks ago, i beat my wii game called walk it out
so i took a pic of the screen to show everyone (and then i never posted it)

see all of the 100%

crazy amounts of calories.  i think the perfects cap out at that number by the way. see i played it for over 36 hours?  nuts.  i have restarted (well moved on to another new island-same one) an am working on it.  it probably took me 2 years to complete this one.  LOL. 

other than my random updates here ive been back at the gym full swing.  well the gym and playing dance central 3.  but im burning 500 calories.  i have yet to see any real movement on the scale.  but its not going up. 
I just downloaded a photobucket app on my cell phone, so i should remember to take a pic of my cals burned each day and post it.  i dont want to post that to facebook or to instagram cause i want to have a tiny bit of privacy.  haha. 

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