Thursday, March 21, 2013

happy thursday and happy b day to my step son

Today marks the big 13 b day of my step son.  he was a super chatty four year old when me and his dad started dating.  he was going through a rhyming phase, so he was attempting to rhyme something with Jaime.  not possible little dude.  so he made up a saying that jaime is a baby and she cries for pies.   after hearing this endlessly for a few hours i told him its not nice to make fun of adult.
but now he is 13. 
i would post pics on here of him but i think not.  you get pics of me or my pets.  :)  I think his mom might be upset with me if i post his pic.

Kreacher cuddles (i call them EXTREME cuddles cause that is how kreacher does everything)

so i had a rough night last night. pretty much i had purchased cadburry milk chocolate eggs (the ones that are like big m&ms).  i had planned on taking the night off from the gym.  my husband ordered pizza, which i left alone (yay for that). but i ate my planned dinner and then chocolates in the freezer (that is where i keep my chocolates) were calling my name.  so every time i went out to the kitchen i grabbed a few, a serving size is 12 for 210 calories.  the bag was opened tuesday night and maybe 3 were eaten?  so i finished the bag off. 
NOOOO. that was almost 6 servings of chocolate.
then i ate cheese curls (only had one serving of those left), then i ate the rest of my ben and jerry's ice cream. 
then i declared that i will be counting calories on friday to make up for this (fridays are my cheat days, i dont count or worry about any food on fridays).
the problem was i was doing so well that day too.  not sure what set it off.  possibly that the construction at my house is delayed by another day due to equipment rentals not being available?  and now they want to work on saturday too.  fine whatever, i wont be home saturday cause we are going to the aquarium in baltimore.  i just want my house to start getting back to normal.
I am trying to include more pics with my posts- so here you go, a look at my food journal. 

yes i have horrible handwriting, so not girly at all. and this is written for me only.  you can even see how i accounted for one serving of the chocolate, then it just stops.
 i should probably write myself a note about a cheat day, but i never look back at these things.  unless im trying to figure out cals for something i dont normally eat. 
my calorie goals for each day are 1550-1600.   looks like tuesday was 1700, im fine with that.  works for me.

i also had a rough morning this morning.  since the construction is going on the fence has a gaping hole in it.  this is where my puppy goes outside (by puppy i mean she is my baby-not an actually puppy, she is 6.5 years old?  we actually got her on my step sons 8th b day, but she was already 1.5 years old when we rescued her).  i usually gather up my foods for the day while she is doing her business (cause you know you have to pee 8 times). 
so i went to let her in and there was no puppy on the porch. no puppy near the pool, no puppy off to the side, no puppy outside of the fence. 
i found her 20 mins later in the neighbors yard barking at their Germain Shepard (!) and foaming at the mouth.  he was inside (thankfully, my dog doesnt know she is a dog, she thinks she is a giant cat or a human).  this neighbors house is across the street, which i live on a relatively quiet street but she could have gotten run over.
also when i finally saw her across the street (i was getting ready to go inside and text my boss that i was going to be late and i was going to text rob to come home to help me find her) i had left the front door open.  which mean my little kreacher dude got outside. it took about 5 minutes to find him (he is such an inside cat, i found him with his tail all puffed and wanting to run back inside to his cozy home). 
all of this made me 23 minutes late to work.  my boss did text me back saying good luck (i just said i couldnt find my dog that i was going to be late).  he has a dog of his own, so im sure he has dealt with her antics.

a pic from our disney trip 2012-we woke up at 6:15am, this is proof that i was awake and ready to get moving (i am not a morning person): i want to say that was the day we went to universal studios.  this is me in case you cannot tell.
 tonight the goal is to stick with counting calories and either get to the gym and workout OR do a workout at home.  if i do a workout at home ill take a pic of the screen (no camera phones allowed at the gym, which i should ask if it is ok if i just take a pic of my machine, they are worried about peoples privacy). 

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