Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Boring day

yesterday was a very boring run of the mill day.  I love those types of days but it makes for boring blog entries.  lets see, i worked from 8 until 4.  I came home with a slight headache and ran out of advil at work (i only had one left).  so i stopped at Rite Aid on my way home and got milk and paper plates (i needed the milk for my dinner).  i laid down for about 40 minutes (with the dog) but she was up and down (OH NO HOW DARE ANOTHER DOG WALK PAST HER HOUSE).  it doesnt help that Henry (pics below) is the ultimate dog alerting alarm

Kira the dog showing off her winter coat

Henry, the cockatiel
 so i made dinner and ate, then around 8pm my husband asked if it was going to the gym.  originally i was going to skip it, but i decided to not be lazy and get a move on. 

Heart rate monitor info for yesterday
my goal right now is just to burn 500 cals each session.  
while i was on the treadmill i could see into the aerobics room, a zumba class was going on (i used to go to zumba all of the time but got annoyed with the lack of personal space, the tuesday night teacher is a bit of a drill Sargent too.  last time i check zumba was supposed to be fun) it was funny to see the people attempting the dance.  i was trying not to stare but i was like OMG I probably looked like that when i was doing it. 

most days when i am at the gym i see a guy i went to high school with.  I kind of melted into the background in high school-i graduated with approximately 400 other students back in 1999-i was just trying to get by without being bullied or teased. anyway this guy i think his name is Chris.  he was a chubby kid (no judgement here, i was chubby as a kid and now as an adult) but he has thinned out, i guess that happens when you are 32.  i never say hi to people cause they usually will call me by one of my friends names or ask me how my (druggie) brother is doing.  I think i overheard him say he is a lawyer a few months ago.  wow. 

today is wednesday, another boring day.  the pool demo is not happening today due to wet ground but tomorrow they are planning on doing a 10 hour day. nuts. 
here is a progression pic

this was what it looked like  when i was emptying the pool and kira makes an appearance

pool patio removed along with the skimmer-after 1 day of demo work
this pool project has me a bit on edge.  my well cap is in the side yard right where their big machines are running.  so far with only one day of work going on i have huges divots in my yard.  i just hope they will fix all of this when they leave.  this entire project is only supposed to take about a week (of actual work, it needs to stop raining/snowing).  i had no lawn to being the entire project thanks to hurricane sandy taking down a giant willow tree in my yard.
see the tree? this was taken back in november.  if you look to the upper left hand corner you can see the fence and you can see a white plastic thing with a green cap, that is my well cap. 

this is what my yard currently looks like.  the well cap is behind the pile of concrete that is under my old pool cover. 
i guess ill spend less time mowing the lawn this summer?  (probably more time watering it)

Today is free rita's italian ice day.  (first day of spring).  I probably won't go, it is kind of cold here (high today of 46 degrees and a low of 34 degrees.  anything in the 30's is too cold for me and id rather not get hives.  (on a funny note my friend wants to try snow boarding, so she asked our other friends, myself and my husband if we would love to go, my husband says YES, and me and another friend with a thyroid condition say, no it sounds painful).  plus a water ice (i guess they are called italian ice, blame me coming from philly for calling it water ice-pronounced wod-er) is fairly cheap.  my husband loves mistos but i try to stay away since they are like 500 calories for a medium serving.(dont quote me on that, check their website if you want to see how many calories they have).
please let me know if you would like to see anything special in my blog, im open to changing it up a bit.

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