Friday, March 22, 2013

Finally Friday

i guess fridays are my weigh in days.  i was 208.8 this morning.  last week i was right around there too, but remember i took my cheat day Wednesday.  So i am not too worried about it.
i did great with my eating yesterday, nothing was overly tempting.
I did a workout with Dance Central 3, by the way i am so not coordinated but i think its fun.  plus i use the fitness settings, which supposively counts calories for me.  here is my screen shot:

I like how it says i burned 47 calories in 21 minutes.  it really estimates super low.  i play on beginner, cause im not a dancing person, but im getting better, im almost learning a few songs.  i should try it on the highest setting (expert? i dont even know) and see how i do. 

there is my watch time.  i guess it doesnt count the time in between songs? 220 cals in 27 minutes.
and since my goal is 500, after dinner i went to the gym and walked the treadmill.

i so did not want to be there.  i figure any workout is better than no workout. 

sorry this one is blurry,  but that shows the time date i exercised (i never switched the time from the time change).  the little graphs are my past workouts.
that is a polar FT 7 by the way.  ive had them where they had more detail, but eventually the watch doesnt work right.  this is probably my 4th over the years.  the best part about them is that the chest strap transmits to the machine you are on at the gym.  (ok so sometimes it transmits to the other machines near me too which i think is annoying).
other news: i spoke to the step son yesterday, i said happy birthday and he said thank you. he apparently was upset cause people were killing him in halo 4?  he is definatley my husbands son, a big time gamer.  when he was much younger he would ask me to play video games, so i would say ok, but dont ask for my help (im only good at mario brothers 3, or the sims).  if he got too upset i made him stop playing.  there was a game a few years ago, i think it was called epic mickey? (i got it for half price at toys r us on black friday back then).  and he was getting so angry at it, telling me the game was cheating.  LOL. 
he is being dropped off tonight so we can head out early tomorrow morning to drive 2 hours to balitmore.  I wonder if he would like cake or ice cream, he is a super thin kid (i was a chubby kid).
Pool: this is what my bro just sent me in a text

that was the shallow end of my pool. (which reminds me, i grew up in this house, so when i was a kid we always had my cousins and aunts over during the summer days.  one day my male cousins were fighting, their mom said thats it separate sides of the pool. and the older cousin says i call the top half.  ahh smart butt kids for you.  i am pretty sure that my aunt was angry at that comment). 
any time i do anything to the house my dad visits me in my dreams/nightmares.  so we will see what he says tonight.  he is usually mad at me for something (when i threw away his insulin after he passed he came to me in my dream and yelled at me staying he needs that to live, and i was like but you are dead.  when i donated his clothes he told me that they costs a lot of money and i said but others can use them.  sometimes my dream self doesnt know he is dead-he passed in may of 2005)
so lets hope he isnt angry about this little home improvement.  i am sure my dad woud have understood that i didnt have $50,000 to put into fixing the pool.  heck that is more than a make a year.
i barely have the money it costs to get rid of the pool.

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  1. Ugh. Yeah. When I went to the gym with my friend Jen, she'd always be running hardcore on the treadmill next to me... she'd about be dying, but the treadmill would always read my 140-150 heart rate. LOL Whoops!