Tuesday, January 28, 2014

weigh in 33

Week 33: weigh in date 1/24/14
Last week 185.6
This week: 186.0
gain of 0.4 lb

This was a weigh in from friday.  i wish i could write that i had NO clue why i gained weight, but i do have a GIANT idea.  maybe its all that snacking/cheating ive been doing.

but anyway last week i made up a workout plan and stuck it to my fridge. it brings me to the end of jan (it is my normal workout routine, just written down, oh i did replace one gym day with a Wii fit day, since im a fan of the Wii fit, i know do it on fridays).  so far i have been doing them.  i gave up on the doing the 5k every saturday, now i just do 30 minutes on the treadmill (a 5K was taking me 52 minutes or so).

i did not hit my target number of activity points.  but im working towards that.  my target is 7 points per week.

i think starting in Feb im going to start rotating around my 30 day shred and do a 30 day challenge (or 28 days, whatever).  id like to retain some muscle.  I would also like to really track how many inches i have lost.

i have a NSV to report.  i saw my one cousin for the first time since july and she was like WHOA look at you, what have you been doing.  i did tell her that ive been kind of stuck since the holidays happened and she was like that is because you are related to me.  LOL.  my cousin at one point (she was pregnant with her 2nd baby) weighed 330 lbs.  she has lost a ton of weight, she is more or less a size or two larger than me now (yes she lost weight, then she got a divorce and found new love, and gained some back.  oh and the way she lost the weight?  restricting her calories like crazy-not a healthy way.  for example she would work out to burn 500 calories, but she wouldnt only every eat 500 calories.  im not saying she did it the right way).

i told her i was doing weight watchers again.

So I hope to keep checking those workouts off of my print out and keep it up.  i know if i stick to my points and workout that i will lose weight.  i just need to trust the process.   

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