Saturday, January 18, 2014

weigh in 31 and 32

Week 31: weigh in date 1/10/14
last week: 187.8
this week:189.2
gain of 1.4 lb

Week 32: weigh in date 1/17/14
Last week 189.2
This week: 185.6
loss of 3.6

i feel like i should be blogging more often than once every other week.  for week 31 i was on track until wednesday night then i just said nah and ate what i wanted.

for week 32, i opted to actually track my points and attempt to stay on track.  i was still cheating left and right but was able to drop 3.6 lbs. 

i hate to admit that i was cheating, and i need to stop that.  i have better results when im following the WW plan.  also last week i was really lazy, and i opted to not go to the gym all week.  i could blame my husband for part of that but in reality, how hard is it to get to the gym for 30 minutes? 

my goal for activity is to get 7 points this week.  (i was not even close for last week).

im having a slight gym issue. its really nothing.  but there is this guy who comes in with a duffel bag, he plops the bag down and does his working out.  but he does weird working out. and just creeps me out (he kind of looks like he is homeless or hasnt shopped for new clothes since the 1980s).  he has never said anything to me.  but today while i was on the treadmill, he hopped on the one next to me (the entire two rows of treadmills were open, why next to me?) and proceeded to walk backwards on the treadmill.  (this was after wiping down the machine and drinking some water).  so i just did 30 minutes and bolted.  ive also seen this guy walk on the treadmill and jump off and leave the treadmill running at like 2.0 mph.  then jump back on it.  what i dont get is why?  i mean ive seen people doing speed work with running do that, but never so slow.

this kind of reminds me of my old gym, when i was unemployed i would go at 1pm to workout. there was a guy with turrets that would work out with a personal trainer.  so lets say i was wearing a purple shirt, the guy would just start yelling PURPLE!!  you could tell he wasnt just joking around that he had some type of mental issue.  so i just learned to tune him out.

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