Wednesday, January 8, 2014

catching up on weigh ins (29 and 30)

first let me just get this out of the way

Week 29: weigh in date 12/27/13
last week: 182.8
this week:185.0
gain of 2.2 lb

Week 30: weigh in date 1/3/14
Last week 185.0
This week: 187.8
gain of 2.8

so yep, read that and know i suck.  gain of 5 pounds over two weeks.  this is what i call lack of motivation.  it is my fault.  I just do not know moderation when it comes to eating, luckily for me there are very few holidays coming up.  (by the way i have no wanting to ever end the holidays are entire cheat days, no counting.  yes i will always be an inner fat girl, even if im skinny on the outside).

So other than that motivation has been super down low.  I had a doc appointment (endocrinologist) which went very well, but I don't think I wrote about it (dec 30th was the date).  Basically besides a slightly higher than normal cholesterol (but it is lower for me, she thinks it is just genetic and maybe if i get down a few more pounds that it would go even lower the number is 252 for the total).  my blood sugars are rocking, 94 fasting, which last time it was 99 and the time before that it was in the 104-106 range.  while im not a diabetic, my father was a type 1 (diagnosed at the age of 6) and i am diagnosed with hashimoto's disease, which is an autoimmune disorder, and once you have one autoimmune disorder you are more prone to others.  the number she was super impressed with was my insulin number. originally when i first started seeing her back in 2008 i was at 22.0, last time i was 9.9, which puts me at the high end of normal.  she said 5 is the ultimate healthy number and that is what im aiming for. 

all of my other numbers are perfectly within range. even my TSH number (which is the reason why i see her) is good (1.0 is my sweet spot, i was at 1.03 or something). 

i flat out told her that since the last time i saw her (in september) that i have probably felt the best that i have felt in a long time.  that was when she started going back into her computer for my records and telling me how far i have come.  she even told me that im doing great with the weight loss and to keep it up (without my prompting her like last time) i did ask her if she had the confetti ready and was going to do cartwheels.  (i love this doc by the way, she is so cool). 

I did ask her a question about something i read on the internet (i tell her that i ask her these questions because i dont know if everything you read on the internet is true).  anyway im sure others have read articles that state that steady state cardio is putting women into a hypothyroid state.  (ok i had to explain this to a friend of mine, so just running on the treadmill for a certain period of time is steady state cardio).  so my doc was like yes that is correct, but that is more for people who are working out for like 6 hours at a time, like Olympic athletes.  i was like well i dont plan on doing more than an hour at the gym, so im good, and she said correct. 

by the way my doc probably thinks im a bit on the nutty side.  a while ago i read that jillian michaels master your metabolism book, which jillian michaels is hypothyroid (without medicine).  so she (or the doc that wrote the book with her, not sure which one) mentioned staying away from certain veggies, cause they contain hormones in them that can hurt the thyroid-soy is one of these products too.  one of these veggies falls into my fave foods ever, BRUSSELS SPROUTS.  so i asked her if i had to stop eating them.  she did tell me to limit it to 3 times a week but other than that im good.  also im not supposed to seek out soy (if it is in something that i already eat, fine, but dont go buying soy burgers there are other options).

so how many of her patients does she have to limit the amount of brussels sprouts servings?  probably just me.

besides the doc appointment where everything was wonderful, i lost my activelink for a few days.  like couldnt find it anywhere.  i ordered a new one on thursday (the first day back to work) and found it thursday after work (in the washer of all places).  unfortunately i couldnt cancel my order :(  so now i have two of these things.  i figure that ill just hold on to it, at some point i will lose this one (FOREVER) and have a backup.  or if a friend of mine admits to doing WW i might be like hey want this?  i know my friend sarah does WW but i think she does it at meetings, not sure how that works.

so my goal for active link is 7 points per week.  I will start reporting on that soon.  also since because i hit that higher number im back to 29 points per day.  (i really need to shape up when it comes to counting, ive been eyeballing things and taking small bites and not counting.  that is what leads to me not losing weight. 

also my endocrinologist made a comment that the next time id see her id be into the 180s (i think i was just at 190 on her scale, that was after breakfast and i was fully clothed, the ones you see are before my shower in the am and no clothing).  i see her again on june 30.  so i hope to blow that out of the water and be 179 or less (6 months right?)

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  1. I tried to respond to your comment on my blog (Fitnasty for Life), but couldn't find your email address. Either way, I think that's an awesome goal for your next doctor appt! The reason I earned so many APs was because I was half marathon training last summer. Even on my "short run" days, I was still earning at least 6-8 APs, and then 15+ on my long runs. It was a good thing I earned so many because I was definitely extra hungry from all that cardio :) Good luck this week!