Friday, January 31, 2014

week 34

Last week 186.0
This week: 184.8
loss of 1.2 lb

sweet loss this week. :)  ill take it.  not much to report.  yesterday was a tough eating day, i wanted to throw the towel in and say NO and just end up weighin 400 lbs.  but i ended up playing some Wii U (Pikimen 3, by the way i love that game, i dont think a 33 year old woman is their target market) and the urge for ice cream/sugar/chocolate/bread dipped in olive oil disappeared. 

I am only showing 2 activity points earned this week.  not sure what is going on.  im doing my same workouts, minus the 5K on saturday *but im still walking for 30 minutes, so it should be 4 points vs 2 points, but i showed no points. 

I need to figure this active link thing out better, i mean lets say i walk for 30 minutes and get 0 points but i get 1 point if i walk for 33 minutes, id rather add the 3 minutes and get to eat that lovely point.  plus i know with my weigh loss that it is harder to earn any points.  (to the weight watchers online forums!!)

so anyway, starting tomorrow im doing 30 day shred rotations, I will take measurements and pics (? if my husband will cooperate, he has been getting upset about the massive amount of dietbet pics he needs to take, even though im not anywhere near my target) my goal is to do one 30 day shred workout each day of feb.  this is in addition to my normal workouts (which i have a rotation of those too).

anyway happy super bowl sunday to everyone.  i personally am  going out to dinner with my one buddy (dont worry he is gay and my husband loves him).  we might catch a movie too.  cause i do not care about sports at all (not even the olympics, which my buddy LOVES).  my husband will be at home watching the game.  (funny side story, last year i didnt make plans, so i just up and left and went to see a movie to get away from football, the streets were entirely empty, i was the only one at the theater besides the people that worked there, and i saw silver lining playbook.  LOL so i left football to see a movie that had football in it).

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