Friday, October 11, 2013

weight watchers weigh in number 18

last week: 187.0
this week: 186.2
loss -0.8 lb

points break down by day, i eat all of my points daily (29), weekly and activity.
Friday: 67
Saturday: 34
Sunday: 30
Monday: 31
Tuesday: 30
Wednesday: 31
Thursday: 32
total 255 or average of 36.4 points per day
so before i can reflect on this i need to point out my lack of activity, i have just been flat out sucking.  my left knee hurts when i walk down stairs (only down).  last time this happened was years ago, i was given tickets to see a play in new york city from my best guy friend (gay guy i should point out, dont go thinking im cheating on my husband).  i hobbled around NYC with a really painful knee issue (using subways in january too-i hate the cold) the play we saw was equus with the guy who plays harry potter and the guy who played uncle vernon from harry potter. and yes i saw harry potter naked.  anyway this was shortly after christmas and my husband had given me a gift card to get a swedish massage.  so i ended up making that appointment  for the following weekend.  the lady asked if i had any trouble points so i told her about my weird knee pain.  she worked her magic and it didnt hurt again until last weekend (i believe that trip was in 2008, also captain janeway was in the play too and i realize these people have real names). 
so my husband is telling me to just go get another swedish massage to get rid of the pain.  today is actually the first day that during the day it isnt feeling that weird numbness that i had been feeling.  maybe it will fix itself?  also i have been looking for some type of gift to myself for completing 10% loss-which i got last week. 
so ive been using the knee pain as an excuse to not go workout.  lame yes.  (i consider myself pretty lazy).  good news, my cold is completely gone, not even a sniffle left over, but bad news, the husband got it.  i just hope he is better before tuesday.  we are going to a concert on tuesday night. 
so i have some bad news, since i lost weight this week my daily points target has gone down.  RIP pointy.  i will miss you.  i forget what the lowest points number you can have a day is but im for having more points.  also how about free foods (fruit veggies?) do you actually log them when you eat them? i try to remember but sometimes forget, but if they are free does it really matter?
so see this? i thought this was pretty neat.  this is my dietbet page.  with my BMI showing.  it is cool to see that dip happening.  my weight on diebet right now is 188, cause im doing at night weigh ins instead of mornings (and last updated on wednesday).  WW is a morning weigh in. and just in case you were wondering, i do enjoy a reese's peanut butter cup every day (1 point), they are the ones that are 5 per serving.
so i dont expect for me to get my activity points in for this week coming up, and i dont even expect a loss this upcoming week. it really will depend on if i choose to count points on tuesday and wednesday (two vacation days for the concert and post concert).  plus tomorrow we are celebrating my grandmother (in law-trust me people in my family dont live long-only into their 50's and yes it is due to drug/booze abuse-which i dont do) b day at red lobster (i dont like seafood), i found a chicken alfredo (maybe parm?) on the menu and looked it up on my app, the entire thing is 32 points.  i hope the plate is giant and i can eat just half of it.
anyway i promise that starting one week from today that i will get back on track with the activelink goals (which why am i paying $5 a month for it if im not using it?). 
so if you guys ever have any questions that you want answered just leave them in a comment and ill answer it in the next post (as long as i see it).  im not a shy person.  the only thing i dont do is post pics of my step son, I would want to get permission from his mom first, and well, then id have to share my blog with her (not that i hide the blog).  but my cats/dogs/birds are cool (since im their pet mommy) and i could always ask my husband if he would mind if i share a pic of him, which i dont think he would mind.

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