Friday, October 18, 2013

weight watchers weigh in number 19

last week: 186.2
this week: 188.2
gain of 2 lbs

im not going to put up my charts this week.  pretty much i went away with my husband to see a nine inch nail concert in newark, nj-about 2 hours from where we live, and i said i was going to take a few days off from Weight watchers.  sometimes that counting and counting and counting just wears on you.  since i had been relatively good since i started back in the middle of june, i was ok with this. 

I was off weight watchers once i got home from work on Monday, we went out to eat, i got a lovely turkey burger at a place called the pour house (i live in west chester, pa by the way, the pour house is in exton) that was after dropping my husbands car off for service.  the burger was awesome.  it was huge, probably 6000 points right there.  it came with potato chips (or you can upgrade to fries for a buck, but i figure i only really like beer battered or steak fries, there were shoestring) i ate like 3 chips (they were giant and homemade).  i could have done a lot more damage than i did.  oh i believe we had ice cream that night too, i got a waffle cone blizzard (probably 8000 points, i got a medium and ate it in one shot). 

tuesday was a bit better, normal breakfast (jimmy dean delight).  i had sweet sausage for lunch (7 points for the sausage and roll), which this was after signing up for the new la fitness (wont open until nov 13th).  probably didnt eat much on tuesday, a lot of the time was spent driving, got really lost so close to the hotel, ended up having a police man stop us at a guard station welcoming us to NJ correctional institute, are we staying?  we were like nah, but we need to turn around.  at least he had a sense of humor.  so by the time we found the hotel room we had about 15 mins to unwind, which i laid on the bed. 

then we left, i ended up eating venue food (chicken fingers and soggy fries) my husband had a hot dog.  oh and two sodas (24 bucks, let me tell you, the meal we had at the pour house was 28 bucks and i had a lot more food, but whatever, food was in my belly)

the concert itself was awesome. i love nine inch nails.  :)  our seats were pretty awesome.  the opening band was very confusing (just a bunch of instruments). 

oh the way back from the concert my husband stopped at mcdonalds i got a mcflurry.  oh i havent had one of those in forever.  i should mention that im having a lot of cravings for sweets lately.  its totally pms creeping up on me.  my husband got a meal.  i ate one of his french fries (im not a mcdonalds fan) and i told him they didnt taste like i remembered.  i cant remember what i thought they tasted like though. 

wednesday morning i was up early (i have trouble sleeping on beds that are not mine) and we ended up hitting the free breakfast at the hotel.  i had a large bagel toasted with cream cheese.  it was awesome.  i also had orange juice (not diet or anything) I cant even tell you the last time i had that.  i got a coffee but ended up dumping it cause it tasted off (we stopped at a dunkin donuts on the way home and i got a real coffee). 

we got home right around lunch time, after i got the puppy unexcited (she love it when i first come home, meanwhile the cats are like yeah whatever-where is my food?) i took her on a carride to get chinese food.  dinner was wendy's chilie on the ceaser side salad (no dressing). 

i guess when i type it out like this it sounds like a lot of food.  but i dont think i overdid it too much.  hopefully next week i see 186.0 on the scale.  but if not, ill keep plugging away (actually my weight is down a bit from the wednesday night weigh in for my dietbet 10 game). 

my weigh out for the jillian michaels dietbet is oct 23rd i think.  ok oct 22 actually.  i have 4 days to lose 5.7 lbs.  i think i might lose this one (that weigh in is a night time weigh in-189.6 actually).  :(  but we will hate to lose that 30 bucks that i put up.

i need to remind myself, at this point in time im 10 lbs less than i was on my wedding day.  im 8 lbs away from my high school weight (i was never a skinny kid). i am 7 lbs lighter than the day i met my husband (did you know i met my husband on eharmony? yeah ill deny that like crazy if you know me in person, but it is the real story).  i like seeing the number 1 as the first number in my weight.  :) 

so i am back on plan starting yesterday.  and i plan on going to the gym tonight (possibly?)  we didnt go out to dinner last night for my husbands b day (it was pouring rain and he didnt want to drive in it and didnt want me to drive in it).  so we might go out tonight, but if we do it is longhorn which i can get an awesome meal for 14 points there.  plus my points reset today. so i have a lot of them right now.

oh and since i gained weight i got that point back that i lost last week.  haha.  YES.  

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