Friday, October 4, 2013

weight watchers weigh in number 17

last week: 188.2
this week: 187.0
loss -1.2 lb

see what i get? 10% loss.  YAY.  but once again im losing too fast.  (this time i remembered to take a screen capture).  i dont think im losing too fast.  i think im good.
so anyway, the charts:
you can see the lack of exercise in the past two weeks.  im OK with this.  i had a pretty nasty cold (enough that i was eating soup. i dont even like soup but my throat was so raw). 
i had my first month weigh in for the beta dietbet 10.  my husband takes my photos, so you get some funny outtakes.
( i feel i look skinny here, it probably has to do with my arms being above my head)
blurry hands.  i have one from the week i was sick with my hand on my throat (cause it hurts) but photobucket is being a bit of a jerk and not letting me upload (im over my photo limit? i didnt even know there was one).   so i do submit real ones for diebet. i hope they enjoy my cats photo bombs though.

this is a pic of me from a few weeks ago.  i was trying to take a selfie but i dont know how, so my face is missing.  haha.  this was at dressbarn, i didnt buy the shirt (i do like it) but i was on lunch break and couldnt find any body to ring me up.  dressbarn!!!  anyway i just want to prove that i wear normal clothes, not just the pink shorts and tank top (those are my weigh in attire for dietbet, for WW i just weigh in before my shower).
anyway my break down for the week.
29 points per day, 49 weeklies and all activity points eaten
Friday: 51
Saturday: 41
Sunday: 35
Monday: 29
Tuesday: 33
Wednesday: 32
Thursday: 33
Total 254 = 36.3 average
and of course non scale victory: im wearing a size 11 pair of jeans (not my normal style) but i wore them a while back and they were so tight and annoying, so i put them in the back of my drawer, ive been wearing them today and yesterday, they are a little on the lose end.  yes i realize i am usually wearing size 10 pants now, but those have a bit of stretch to them (levi's 515 by the way, good for me and my lack of a butt, i should take a pic so you guys could laugh at my non butt). 
so lately im annoyed with my hair. i have naturally curly hair, and it falls out often (no long hair for me-thanks thyroid) im not sure if i just need to go a bit shorter the next time i get it cut?  the pic of me on the scale is from yesterday, so enjoy my hair there.  
i also am shocked with how much i dont age.  i could post really old pics on here, and besides my hair length (and maybe weight) i look exactly the same.  let me prove it.

ok so this was in 2006 (i was 26) when my friend got married. i was laughing cause my heels were stuck in the grass-that is her mother behind me making fun of me).  so i dont normally wear make up but that is me. 
same year as the other photo, but a different wedding. my hair when it was longer (see curly).  also 26 here (and yes im wolverine with glow sticks and probably really toasted by this point in the night-that is what happens at open bars and hotel rooms. we just had to hobble across a parking lot and go up to our room)
2007 (probably hovering around 180 lbs here).
the day i chopped my hair off (ok so i let my friend puff it out) this was 2007
anyway no one believes that im 33.  my guess is the lack of age is due to my extremely pale skin (i like to tell people im almost see thru.  i dont go out in the sun, if i do, im sunscreened up-this past summer it was spf 110+, also holding on to a bit of weight makes my face chubbier.  and let me think what else, i had braces for 18 months back in 2005-2006, they were taken off the week before my friend got married (the bridesmaid photo). braces really made me look so much younger.  i also dont drink or smoke, yes i drink at weddings but that is the only time (if i feel up to it).

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