Monday, September 30, 2013

weight loss tips (from an expierenced loser)

haha i just thought that was funny to call myself a loser.

Tips for weight loss from Jaime Breeze (anyone else watch a show called auction hunters? they have a guest named jamie breeze-he is an expert on all things british, when i first heard his name i was like WAIT that R moved from Jaimerbees.  my last name is not breeze (or even close to that).  but its fun to have a different name for a minute (and not be an outlaw).
so i wrote some of these on another site that is not open to the public, so ill edit these to be a little more nice and friendly.

these tips work for me. 

1) measure everything- i go through probably a new kitchen scale every 2 years.  i have lots of measuring cups, but i prefer to weigh things.  the newer kitchen scale i got, i dont like.  (the button to toggle between oz/g is under the tray and hard to push without messing up your weights). 
2) always calculate your items BEFORE you eat them.  or else you are like me and crying because you could have had an small caramel sundae from DQ for 8 points (instead of whatever it was-it always comes down to that DQ sundae for me).
3) IF you are doing Weight watchers, eat all of your points.  yes when you first start out you are like OH i can live off of 31 points per day, but over time you lose them (and your hunger returns).  i started with 31 points, now im at 29 points per day.  i also got an activelink and i enjoy using it.  between weeklies/activity and dailies i eat around 36-38 points per day.  (if anyone wants to see what i eat let me know ill type it out for a day or two)
4) setbacks happen, move on. get over it. no one is perfect.
5) stick with it.  yes i have had a week where i gained 3 lbs (for some unknown reason) and ive had weeks where i lost nothing (same for unknown reason) if weight loss was easy everyone would be thin.  look around you.  (trust the process).
6) no double counting. as in i am not going to log my food into myfitnesspal AND weight watchers online.  not happening.  If im following the program correctly im eating enough. 
7) join a dietbet.  OMG losing money is not something that i want to do.  so im rocking this dietbet action. :)
same thing with actually joining the real WW online site, i dont want to spend money and not get my monies worth.
8) no extreme dieting, i didnt have this blog back in the day, when i was low carbing (between the curves diet and south beach) i was extremely tired all of the time (going to bed at 8pm) and i forgot everything two seconds after it was told to me (oh and the most TMI part i got my period and it would not go away and yes back then i was on birth control-i dont like month long periods).
9) track non scale victories.  yes some weeks suck in the weight loss department but you know what, being told by your doc that your numbers are great and to keep it up is a good incentive (it proves that im doing my body a favor) 
im sure there are more. 
by the way i should be hitting my 10% loss (from june's first weigh in)  187.74 is my official 10% loss.  although i need to admit i dont feel any different than i did at 208.6 lb.  im wearing size 10 jeans (down from size 12 that were a bit too tight).  my shirts are fitting better and i believe (crossing my fingers) that my boobs have shrunk (they never did in the past and i am not a happy camper with giant boobs). 


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  2. These are great tips! I totally agree with everything you said. The only one I would add is when it comes to exercise to make sure and find something that you enjoy doing. If you hate running, why run? If you really love Zumba, do that! Or swimming, biking, etc. And remember to strength train. It won't make you bulky, but it will make you strong and burn more calories.

    Just my two cents ;)