Friday, September 27, 2013

Weight watchers weigh in #16 and endocrinologist appointment (NSV)

last week: 189.0
this week: 188.2
loss -0.8 lb

i have hit 20 lbs loss since i restarted weight watchers in june (188.6 was my 20 lbs loss) which means that my 10% is right around the corner (187.7).  I probably would have made it but i have a nasty cold going on.  im actually surprised i didnt show a gain, i havent been working out (it is hard to just breathe right now) but I have been watching what i eat. 

before i post fun graphs let me tell you about my endo's appointment.  it was on tuesday.  my fasting glucose level was 99, which is on the top number of the acceptable range.  she did tell me to not take the metformin anymore.  that she thinks if i keep losing weight that it will go down even more.  she saw a 16 lb loss from the last time i was there (may 31).  and she was super proud of me and wants me to keep it up.  we did talk about goal weight for a second, she is a doc who isnt concerned with the actual scale number but more of the other numbers.  the lab forgot to run my lipids panel, so no cholesterol levels to report, those have always been slightly high (like 250's range) but the good one is usually really good.  the reason i see her is my thyroid issues, i have hashimotos disease (it is genetic, if you are of russian decent you more than likely have it, especially if you are female, my dad's mom was right off the boat-i never met her therefore i dont call her grandma, she died when my dad was 16).  my levels are great and to continue taking the medicine as i have been.  She wants me to continue with WW (she did say whatever plan i want to follow) and see her in December.  my mini goal is to be in the 180's on the scale (so means i need to be about 2-3 lbs lighter than i am now) and my plan A goal is to be below 180 (as in the 170's).  but sometimes i think if i push myself too hard i fail. my next appointment is dec 30. 

so i guess i failed the last week of my activelink challenge.  oh well. sometimes life happens.  ive been sleeping a lot lately and trying to get over this cold.  my endo also called me in (sent in? its all computerized now) a script for a Z pak, which ive been taking.  at least the horrible sore throat i had is gone.  now im just congested.  but overall i feel better.  not 100% but better.  i just need fluid to drain out of my head. 

here are the sweet graphs for you guys (or actually for me for when i look back and go wow i really did it)

you can see the lack of working out this week.  i totally flatline. 
as for my points use
29 points per day, plus all activity points and all weeklies eaten
Friday: 58
Saturday: 41
Sunday: 31
Monday: 30
Tuesday: 31
Wednesday: 32
Thursday: 33
total 255 average 36.4 per day

anyway send extra healing energies my way.  i just hope my body lets go of this head fluid (in my ears and nose) and that i return to normal.  Once i can breathe again I will be back at the gym, im thinking tomorrow maybe? or sunday at the latest.

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