Saturday, September 21, 2013

weight watchers weigh in #15

last week: 190.2
this week: 189.0
loss -1.2 lb

and my points break down per day, i get 29 points per day, i eat all weeklies and all activity points
Friday: 63
Saturday: 38
Sunday: 34
Monday: 32
Tuesday: 33
Wednesday: 29*
Thursday: 30
total 259/average of 37 per day.
*for some reason when i was going back through wednesday said i ate 28 points per day, im pretty sure i ate 29, so i dont know what happened there.  i fixed it but it was after i got my reports emailed to me.
i am not sure what a visualization trial is or why its written all over my charts.  but whatever.  i do like my chart for my points per day, there is always a giant spike (which is friday of each week). 
overall im happy with my progress.  this past week was a bit tougher when it comes to hunger issues.  i think part of that is that im feeling just about 100% better from my migraine and another part is hormones, i think they eat the food before it gets to my belly. 
so i have a weigh out for a dietbet and a weigh in for a dietbet the same day.  i might stagger the weigh in until after i eat a cheat meal.  we will see. 
also the beta dietbet im in, i have to submit a weigh in by wednesday every week, lately ive just been doing it at night, meanwhile i normally weigh in in the AM.  i am actually under my first month goal (first month ends oct 3) so im not worried about it.  the only reason i do that in the afternoon is that im really not a morning person, as in i barely wake up with enough time to get ready and put together my food for the day before i head to work (not being a morning person is a REAL thing). 
so anyway, a few non scale victories for this week.  one involves wearing size 10 jeans out in public.  the other involves blood test for my quarterly endo's appointment.  my fasting glucose level was 99, it was 104 last time (not a huge difference but 99 is the top end of the "in range" number) i was hoping to report a drop in my cholesterol but it looks like they forgot to add that test on (its on my paperwork, since my doc prints you up a summary).   the lady who drew my blood (she rocks at it, you barely feel it) was too busy being like "girl, you look great for 33" so i asked her how old i looked and she said no more than 21.  LOL.  so i guess we were chatting it up and she wasnt paying attention.  she did ask me a few questions about hot tubs (i work for a pool building company so it makes sense). the lady was 55 and looked more like 40. so we have the same condition.  i told her that i dont smoke, i dont drink and i dont hang out in the sun.  :)  that is the secret to keeping young looking.
now im supposed to take medicine to help control my blood sugar, but it causes me extreme butt issues (i refer to it as the oh gads). like ill be fine then the next moment ill be running to the bathroom.  maybe that is why they call that the runs?    anyway i dont like that random feeling.  so i dont take the meds (plus i was only trying them to help me get pregnant, which at this point in time i think is a lost cause-ive only been trying since 2009).  IF i get pregnant, which my focus has shifted off of that for now (still not preventing) and i need the meds ill take it.  but im not hurting anyone but myself not taking the meds (plus it is for people who have much higher blood sugars than i do). 

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