Monday, February 18, 2013

pushing a goal?

i have a crazy goal,  i want to be 200 lbs or less for my b day (april 7).  looks like it is one day short of 7 weeks away.
as of this morning i was 213.8 lbs (i was 208 last week but i had a massive food binge weekend which shot me right back up.  i do realize probably at least 3 lbs of this will go away super quick, once it gets through my digestive system). 
so that is 2 lbs a week right? 
other than that ive been dealing with a death of a bird (parakeet, RIP buddy) and another sick bird (lerch he is healthy now, but we had to give him medicine for two weeks, he is also a parakeet-both had what i would call a bird cold-birds cant cough like humans, so their lungs get filled up with fluid and they suffocate, luckily for lerch the vets was open and took us right away) and one huge issue-my mother being flown into philly with what we thought was a stroke but it turned out to be a seizure.  she was in a coma for 2 days!!!!  luckily we live so close to philly and she was sent to a hospital that specializes in brain trauma.  i went to see her the thursday after she had the "event" (she went in on feb 4, so this would have been the 7th) and she was having issues remembering words. we saw her again that saturday and she was doing better (and out of the ICU) i just spoke to her on the phone she is allowed to go back to work 3 days a week but only for 4 hour shifts.  I am one of 4 children but my mother left us when i was 8 (im number 2, the others would have been 12, 7 and 3) but i feel like being her child falls squarly on my shoulders.  my brothers refuse to talk to her.  my oldest brother did let his girls call and talk to my mom for a minute (that would be their grandmother). 
anyway i will update often with my goal.  i should make fancy tickers and all of that, but maybe ill do that tonight after i get home from work. :)

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