Thursday, February 21, 2013

goal progress?

i was 211.0 this morning (down 2.8 lbs) but this might be a fake weigh in.  ive been sick with the stomach bug since after dinner on tuesday.  Today is Thursday and i missed 2 days of work thanks to mr SB.  grr.  i wasnt able to get to the gym on monday, i started feeling off shortly after dinner, i dont normally head out to the gym until 8pm or so.  around 7:30 i was like ugh im not feeling right (and my husband had just gotten over the bug himself).  so at 8 i was like, yep im going to go to bed and hopefully wake up at 6:30am and not have puked my guts out.
so off to bed i went.  i made sure there was a clear path to the bathroom (i like to keep my clean laundry in the baskets at the top of the stairs-and yes im too lazy to fold my clothes, it gets done eventually, more like when i need laundry baskets to put the dirty clothes in).  at 10:30 pm i jolted away and ran to the bathroom, just in time.  almost threw up on a cat (why do they like the toilet so much).  spent the next 20 minutes crying (i cannot stand to throw up) and talking myself out of throwing up anymore.  and wanting to sleep.  not to mention the random fits of freezing or burning up. 
my husband was nice and gave me one of the gatorades i had gotten for him.  at least that took some of the sting out of my mouth. 
i laid back down for a few hours and was up again 2 times to throw up and 3 other times thinking it was going to happen. 
i ended up texting my bossman at 6am saying i wasnt going to be in that i was sick with the stomach bug.  he did end up calling me around 9:30am, asking me some billing question, like that couldnt wait?  then i was off yesterday too, i was just so tired. 
so today im eating with caution.  eating slow.  also allowing my insides (i keep calling whatever hurts my guts) to heal.  i wont go to the gym tonight, we will see about tomorrow, definately back to it on saturday. 
so if i get around to updating tomorrow if the scale has gone up i wouldnt blame it.  i barely ate anything tuesday and yesterday i had a milk shake and mac and cheese for dinner (which i regretted the mac and cheese two seconds after finishing it). 

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