Friday, November 30, 2012

random stuff

i realize that i write in this blog but no one really knows me.  i have a diary on another site.  ive been on there since 1999.  so umm yeah ive made a few friends. 

so quickly here is some info:
my name is jaime, i live in west chester, pa (yes the home of QVC and bam margera-i dont know bam but i know some of the other guys from jackass).  im 32 years old, i can barely pass for 17 (im serious i got carded to buy a video game for my husband that was rated M)
im married, got married on oct 2, 2010.  my husband is named rob he is around my age (either 33 or 34 i cannot remember right now) we started dating August 11, 2004.  he was married before and has a son from his first marriage, his son is 12 right now and if you were introduced to him he would tell you his name and then say he is almost 13.  kids are weird.  step son lives full time with his mother and her husband along with his toddler aged brother.  we get him just about every weekend.
i work full time at a hardscaping and pool building company.  i do the office work there (issuing bills, paying bills, doing payroll, etc).  im the only woman that works at my company. 
not that any people in my real life know this but my husband and i have been trying to conceive since we got married.  I dont like to talk to it to people in real life cause ive been on the other side of the "we are trying to get pregnant and its not happening-im angry" converstation.  so i dont subject people to that. 
im also not willing to go through crazy treatments to get pregnant.  i figure if it doesnt happen in a few years ill adopt an older child
so this is another failed month.  and yes ive been to my gyno (i really need to switch, she is horrible, she pretty much told me that i was fat and needed to exercise, meanwhile i do exercise, she actually laughed out loud when i said i enjoy zumba, not to mention i get a bill in the mail about a month later asking for a co pay, but i get my annual done for no co pay.  i dont like her being sneaky like that). 
so i guess i get to have another month of losing weight and getting healthier. 
speaking of getting healthy i was reading a blog and came across a link to another blog, cool. whatever, the other blog was BORING.  haha sorry it was true.  anyway the lady had posted about how she got into running (i am not a runner and not sure i really want to be one) but she had said she started out using hal higdon 5k WALKING program.  so i was like ohh let me check this out.  i  can walk for miles.  so i printed it out the program looks pretty solid. the first few weeks looks easy but im going to attempt to do it at a speed walking pace (im thinking 4.2 mph or 4.3mph, which for me is walking super fast).  ive walked a few 5ks over the years in rememberance of my friends mother who died in a house fire (it is called Nita's run and it benefits a womans shelter). so i think i will start that on tuesday since that is what the training calls for (im sure i could adjust it to fit my schedule).
other than that my goal of getting to the gym 5 times a week has been rocked.  :)  so i will keep it up.  i do need to add in weight training, i have the 30 day shred, which got me ripped around this time last year, so maybe i should do the weights on that (not crazy about jumping jacks). 

Starting Weight: 213.4
Current Weight: 208.0
Pounds loss: 5.4
Goal Weight: 155
Pounds to go: 53

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