Monday, November 19, 2012

slow down and enjoy the journey

i was thinking about things, i am 32 years old and i spend most of my time "wishing" away my life.  As in
I wish it was 4pm so i could leave work
i wish it was saturday morning so i could sleep in
4 million days until my next vacation

those are some of the examples.  other things i realize is that i never stop to enjoy what i am doing.  i should be happier, i am relatively healthy (some issues reguarding my weight but im not on my death bed), i have a job that i enjoy (as much as i can enjoy any job), i have a loving husband and we have no real big issues between us.  I have a step son that hearing/reading about my friends baby's momma drama, is a cake walk (no huge issues with the ex wife).  i have amazing friends and what is left of my family rocks. 

so my goals for the next few weeks, 1) drop weight: 213.4 currently and no im not going to dwell on the fact that i was down to 193 a few months ago-by the way i unpublished my WW results, at least i will 2) enjoy the journey, slow down and realize that i am blessed 3) count calories (i guess that should be part of 1 but nah) 4) make my own food that way i know what it is in 5) be positive, even if it is just not thinking nasty thoughts about someone else. i am an overly positive person, but sometimes mean thoughts do enter into my mind.  if it doesnt hurt me, move on.  6) be extra nice to my husband.  not that im not always nice but sometimes he gets the back end of a bad day. 

so i think i will be updating every few days, i might as well include a little thing like this

Starting Weight: 213.4
Current Weight: 213.4
Pounds loss: 0
Goal Weight: 155
Pounds to go: 58.4

since today is the starting day you dont really have much going on there.  give it time.  im back to a handwritten journal, which has worked for me in the past.  Tonight i plan on going to the gym for a bit.  i do enjoy the gym, i just feel like im missing out on a party or something every time i go (i just remember the growing pains episode where chrissy has to go to bed and swears she saw the entire family having a party while she was sleeping-yep exactly what happens at my house too).

i have no time line on this.  my goal for the rest off the year 2012 is to be 1 lb lighter than i am right now. 

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  1. Writing out goals is very good motivation :)
    I too need to stop wishing my life away. I also need to work on being more positive. I let myself dwell on negative things and then it festers and I'm becoming bitter (usually about the way people treat me). I need to just MOVE ON. Good entry, thanks for the reminders to look at what I have been doing and need to fix, and that life should be enjoyed:)