Wednesday, November 21, 2012

pre thanksgiving

i love thanksgiving, and it is not for the food.  I like the idea of family getting together and just spending time together. there are no gifts involved, just showing up, maybe with some food. 
I wish my family would get together. I go to my husbands parents house, we normally have my step son (the ex wife states that they have a family dinner every sunday-her family all lives within a few miles of each other-i heard it is a trait of being italian-which isn't a bad stereotype.  im everything, therefore i have no nationality other than "american" which im fine with). 
today is my last day of work until Monday, I am taking Friday off unpaid.  I am debating on going to kohls at midnight on thanksgiving.  I got a $5 gift card to use for free if i come in in a certain time period and an additional 15% off coupon with the same deal.  they have some sweet sales going on.  But we will see how i feel after driving for 1.5 hours to get home from the in laws.
speaking of i am thankful that my inlaws changed their minds about moving.  my father in law got laid off from his job in philly (they live in new jersey) a few years ago.  he is a big wig for a food additives company (think the people that make the caramel sauce for starbucks. and other things like pie fillings-and others) so he ended up getting a job shortly after being laid off but it is 6 hours away (by train).  it is in PA but PA is a large state, and i live near philly.  they put their house up on the market and havent sold it.  i think his dad has worked there for 2 years now?  they rent him an apartment, apparently cost of living there is super cheap.  and he is making a bit more money than he was at his old job. 
so last time we went to visit my mother in law informed me that they were just going to stick it out for another 2 years and then both retire and just live in the house they live in now (it is almost paid for). 
i was dreading the costs it would take to go and visit my in laws.  i was told that a train ticket was $55 each-which times that by 3 and you can guess who won't be coming to visit often (heck i complain about the $5 toll to get back into pa). 
so the good thing is that they are sticking around. 
here is a helpful tip, even if it is only for myself, when you are feeling snacky-leave the house.  :)  then you cannot eat anything.  last night i went to the gym. 
and i saw something funny at the gym,  there was this perky woman (my guess is 22 years old) running crazy fast on the tredmill trying to attempt to take a pic of herself with her iphone.  she did slow it down from 8.0 down to 6.2 mph.  nuts.  my gym as a no picture policy (my guess is that you can take your own pics but not of anyone else) so if they did not have that policy i could have taken her pic for her.   
happy thanksgiving to my american friends. 

Starting Weight: 213.4
Current Weight: 211.0
Pounds loss: 2.4
Goal Weight: 155
Pounds to go: 55

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