Friday, December 13, 2013

weigh in 27

last week: 185.0
this week: 183.4
loss of 1.6

whoa i lost the same amount of weight that i did last week.  WEIRD.  ill take it.  I am back at the weight i was 11/22 too.  I think for every day i take off from my WW counting, i lose a week of time (i took off two days for thanksgiving, the day before and the day of).  Let this be a lesson to me about the upcoming christmas holiday.

I do not feel like posting reports from WW today.  I do want to tell you that i over used my points by 2 (as in negative 2 shows up on my app if i go to yesterday).  you know, sometimes you just have to do what you have to do.  overall, is 2 points over really going to hurt my weight loss?  i mean look at my numbers this week?  i think im doing ok. 

I earned 11 activity points this week, ok so i did not plug my activelink in last night, so maybe 12.  I take thursdays off from the gym, so probably not, but i did walk around the mall with my husband for a bit (xmas shopping for the family). 

remember how i was so excited for my husband to be going to the gym with me?  and how i had him pick days (sunday, monday and wednesdays) yeah he went a total of zero times this week (i go 4-5 times a week).  but he has a (man) cold.  he is sneezing like crazy.  he might be picking up some weird shifts coming up soon, one of his supervisors (bosses? he has several of these, one has to be in the building at all times) was terminated, and he is the back up.  so that means leaving work at 8pm some nights.  he also applied for her position, so im afraid of what this shift might look like.  i think the supervisors rotate so not everyone is working so late.

other news: we had two snow storms since i wrote last week.  1 sunday, and the second one all day tuesday.  i actually was home for round 2 working on company holiday cards.  it is nice not being essential personnel anymore (i used to be, where i had to come in for a few hours even if the roads were horrible).  at this current job its a small company, if i dont do the work today, ill do it tomorrow.  i call myself the office manager, but i think technically accounting assistant is in there too.  we are expecting snow tomorrow too!!!

I may or may not do my 5K tonight, i havent been posting my times cause they are generally the same, maybe ill only post if i get a PR.  or i could get up early tomorrow morning and go.  I feel like since we went to NYC Last weekend that i barely had time to unwind last weekend. 

I cannot believe how close christmas is.  I rarely have christmas spirit (bah humbug) but that is what growing up on welfare does to a person.  where christmas we got a pair of jeans or a video that we wanted (or more embarrassing, a bra at 5th grade xmas, to a tom boy with nothing but brothers this was the most embarrassing gift ever).  i hope one day when i have a kid of my own, that i can find the joy in christmas again (oh and my step son figured out at the ripe age of 8 about the big guy with the beard, which made me sad, i wish his mother would have contacted us before revealing-then again i think she might have been put on the spot, it started out with the tooth fairy and lead to easter bunny and then santa). 

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