Monday, February 17, 2014

week 36 weigh in and Monday goals

Two  weeks ago: 184.8
This week: 185.8
gain of 1 lb

this is from friday.  I need to start using this blog more.  I tend to put it on the back burner when i have a not so good weigh in (i actually think i might have been down from last week, but i cant go back in time and weigh myself). 

so anyway i want to start a list of goals, and check them out every monday and add new ones or adjust (or keep the same).

so im going to start simple, 2 goals

1) count points, stay within range, this might be a bit tricky this week since I took friday off since it was a holiday (i take holidays off from counting points cause really, it gets tedious after a while). currently i get 28 daily points. i eat all of my points (including activity)

2) workout 5 days this week.  i need to rewrite that schedule, but it shouldn't be undoable, ok so friday is the start of my week and i didnt work out on friday (once again due to the holiday).  So far i worked out Saturday and Sunday.  3 more days to go.  I want to utimately aim for 7 points a week on my active link report.  as of yesterday i was at 2. 

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